Two-Minute Warning

Released: June 28, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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In Just Two Terrifying Minutes, The Lives Of 91,000 People Are Changed Forever!

A nightmare of fear and panic unfolds in this chilling tale of a lone gunman who sets his sights on a sellout crowd at a championship football game.

Charlton Heston is the police captain who leads the desperate fight to stop the madman – perched high atop the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – before he sets off widespread devastation in the jam-packed stadium.

John Cassavetes and Martin Balsam are among those risking their lives to thwart the sniper's attempts, while innocent spectators Gena Rowlands, Jack Klugman, Beau Bridges, Walter Pidgeon, David Janssen and thousands of others try to hide from the fatal gun attack and avoid the deadly ensuing stampede.


Bonus Features

  • NEW Interview With Director Larry Peerce
  • Network Television Broadcast Version (Standard Definition – 141 minutes)
  • Still Gallery
  • Radio Spots
  • Theatrical Trailer

Product Information

Two-Minute Warning

Beau Bridges Actor
Brock Peters Actor
Charlton Heston Actor
David Groh Actor
David Janssen Actor
Edward Hume Writer
Edward S. Feldman Producer
Gena Rowlands Actor
Jack Klugman Actor
Joe Kapp Actor
John Cassavetes Actor
Larry Peerce Director
Marilyn Hassett Actor
Martin Balsam Actor
Walter Pidgeon Actor
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