Whiplash: The Complete Series

Released: September 18, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Whiplash, a western TV series set in outback of Australia during the 1860’s, stars Peter Graves (Mission Impossible) as "Christopher Cobb." The series is loosely based on the life of Freeman Cobb, who was the genuine founder of Australia's first stagecoach line, Cobb and Co. Cobb used a bullwhip instead of a pistol to settle disputes, however, he did carry a rifle that he had to use on more than one life or death occasion. Keen observers will notice that the team that Cobb drives is led by 5 horses, not the Western American stage’s traditional four, six, or even twelve horses. The landscape is pure Western Australia, as rugged and beautiful as its American counterpart, and the series is in crisp black and white.

Whiplash stands out from other television western series of its era in that the guest casts are composed of some of the best Australian actors including Leonard Teale, John Fegan, Chips Rafferty, Chuck Faulkner, Terry McDermott, Stuart Wagstaff, Lionel Long and Aboriginal actor Robert Tudawali, who is featured in several episodes.

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Peter Graves Chris Cobb, Christopher Cobb
Tony Wickert Dan Ledward
Robert Tudawali Dalgowlie, Kogarah, Kuanspa
Phillip Ross Kelly, Len Dillon, Mathews
Henry Murdoch Billy Jo, Billy-Jo
Barry Linehan Chad Karpner, Jess Beldon, Joe Scammell
Guy Doleman Norris, Raike Dartner, Sundowner
Margo Lee Anna Eddington, Rosie London, Terri McKenna
Nigel Lovell Edwin Regnor, Jose, Wilfred Swan
Joe McCormick Arnold Lofton, Lucien Zumwalt, Matt Denvers
Peter Maxwell Director
John Meredyth Lucas Director
Ben Fox Director
Maurice Geraghty Director
Michael Noonan Writer
Michael Plant Writer
Ralph W. Peterson Writer
Don Ingalls Writer
Gene Roddenberry Writer
Gerry Day Writer
Harry Julian Fink Writer
Ron Bishop Writer
James Clavell Writer
David Evans Writer
Daphne Field Writer
Richard Grey Writer
Terence Maples Writer
Oscar Millard Writer
Dwight Newton Writer
Wells Root Writer
William Templeton Writer
Morris L. West Writer
John Meredyth Lucas Producer
Ben Fox Producer
Maurice Geraghty Producer
Ted Holliday Producer

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