Wolverine: Origin

Released: July 9, 2013 • Available in US
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The Greatest Mystery Of The Marvel Universe…Until Now.

To many, Wolverine is Marvel’s finest hero — the best there is at what he does. Genetics, environment, divine intervention: what incredible forces created this man — the world’s greatest killing machine with a heart as big as the great outdoors?

Years into the past, we find three friends, brought together through fate, soon to be divided by tragedy. James Howlett, a sickly boy, stuck in a world where the weak are mocked and left behind. Rose, a young orphan girl summoned to work at the wealthy Howlett estate. And Dog, a poor boy abused by his father, with no hope for a better life. Three friends on the verge of having their innocence shattered. Three companions about to be confronted by the most shocking events of their young lives.

Welcome to the greatest story never told.

Bonus Features

  • An exclusive retrospective with the Eisner Award-Winning creative team behind Origin.

Product Information

Wolverine: Origin

Bill Jemas Writer
Brian Drummond Actor
Carl Upsdell Director
Joe Quesada Writer
Kathleen Barr Actor
Mauro Casalese Director
Michael Dobson Actor
Paul Jenkins Writer
Rob Simmons Producer
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