Easy Money / Men At Work [Double Feature]

Released: 2015-08-25
Available in: US & Canada

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Blue collar. Blu-ray.\nShout! Factory presents a double shift of hardworking comedies for all you nine-to-fivers with Easy Money and Men At Work.\nEASY MONEY (1983, Rated R)\nNo cheating! No gambling! No booze! No smoking! No pizza! No nothin'! Monty Capuletti (comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield) is a hard-living baby photographer with a family that'd drive anyone to drink. But when his mother-in-law passes away, the irresponsible Monty stands to earn a big inheritance… if he can give up all of his well-worn vices for a full year. With temptation around every corner, can Monty give up his ways of hard living for some Easy Money?\nWith a terrific supporting cast including Academy Award®-winning* actor Joe Pesci (Goodfellas) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Fast Times At Ridgemont High), Dangerfield's respectable talents are on full display in this comedy favorite…as always, he makes getting big laughs look Easy.\nMEN AT WORK (1990, Rated PG-13)\nThe laughs don't stop with Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez in the anything-but-trashy comedy Men At Work. Rebellious garbage collectors Carl (Sheen) and James (Estevez) are always up to mix a little mischief with their sanitation engineering. But when they discover a little something extra in their usual pick-up (the body of a local politician), the two find themselves in more trouble than usual. Something about all this stinks worse than the garbage they collect — and it could easily spell doom for both their town and their lives!\nFeaturing Leslie Hope and Keith David (They Live) and written and directed by Estevez, Men At Work is a comedy you can't refuse (get it?)!\n*1990: Goodfellas, Best Actor in a Supporting Role

96 / 98 min
Region A
PG-13 / R
1983 / 1990

Cast & Crew

Rodney DangerfieldMonty Capuletti
Joe PesciNicky Cerone
Geraldine FitzgeraldMrs. Monahan
Candice AzzaraRose Capuletti
Val AveryLouie the Bartender
Tom NoonanPaddy
Taylor NegronJulio
Lili HaydnBelinda Capuletti
Jeffrey JonesClive Barlow
Tom EwellScrappleton
James SignorelliDirector
Rodney DangerfieldWriter
Michael EndlerWriter
P.J. O'RourkeWriter
Dennis BlairWriter
Estelle EndlerExecutive Producer
John NicolellaProducer
Charlie SheenCarl Taylor
Emilio EstevezJames St. James
Leslie HopeSusan Wilkins
Keith DavidLouis Fedders
Dean CameronPizza Man
John GetzMaxwell Potterdam III
Hawk WolinskiBiff
John LavachielliMario
Geoffrey BlakeFrost
Cameron DyeLuzinski
Emilio EstevezDirector
Emilio EstevezWritten By
Moshe DiamantExecutive Producer
Cassian ElwesProducer
Frances FlemingAssociate Producer
Barbara StordahlCo-producer
Irwin YablansExecutive Producer