Pan Am: The Golden Age Of Aviation

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The name, Pan American Clipper, conjures up exotic, far-away places in every corner of the world, including Istanbul, Caracas, London, Paris, The South Pacific, South America and the Far East.

The visionary Juan Trippe founded Pan Am in the late 1920s. By the 1930s, Pan Am began regular air service to the above destinations and many other ports of call. Flying graceful seaplanes made by Sikorsky, Boeing and Martin, Pan Am brought America and the rest of the world closer together. For the first time, passengers were able to travel to distant destinations in a fraction of the time it took to reach them by ship.

After WWII, Pan Am expanded its already impressive routes to encompass the globe and with innovations like uniformed flight crews and attendants, fine on-board cuisine and gracious cabin comforts, Pan Am led the way into the Golden Age of Aviation.

By viewing these ten half-hour restored Pan Am films, you will discover the exciting world of air travel on-board the Pan Am Clipper fleet. Travel in luxury and style to such destinations as Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii, South America, England, Norway, Ireland and France. At each port of call, you will see the sights and discover the diverse cultures of these foreign lands.

As a special feature, we have included a brief history of Pan Am, with a special section on Pan Am's significant contribution to America's WWII war effort.

So pack you bags, and join us on a journey back to a time when air travel was new and exciting. All aboard the Clipper Ships of Pan Am!

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