Science Fiction Theatre: The Complete Series (SOLD OUT)

Released: 2015-05-12
Available in: US & Canada

Product Note: As of October 9 2019 this title is OUT OF PRINT.

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”Let me show you something interesting…”

Blending the discoveries of factual science with the limitless frontiers of fantasy Science Fiction Theatre offered Atomic Age television viewers an intriguing look at the possibilities science could provide us in the near future as well as the immediate present. Airing from 1955 to 1957 and hosted by Truman Bradley Science Fiction Theatre’s seventy-eight episodes presented its intelligent and fantastic stories in an anthology format pre-dating The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

Guest stars on this unique program feature a roster of actors well-known to any lover of classic film and television including DeForest Kelley (”Star Trek”) Hugh Beaumont (”Leave It To Beaver”) Barbara Hale (”Perry Mason”) Gene Barry (The War of the Worlds ”Burke’s Law”) Macdonald Carey Edmund Gwenn (Miracle on 34th Street) Beverly Garland Basil Rathbone June Lockhart (”Lost In Space”) and the great Vincent Price.

Presented for the first time on DVD this complete series collection of Science Fiction Theatre is an entertaining look back-and-forward- to the way science shapes our views of the world’s potential.

2,038 min
Color, Black & White
Region 1
Not Rated

Cast & Crew

Truman BradleyNarrator
Marshall ThompsonDr. Albert Neville
Michael FoxDr. Edwards
Peter HansenDr. Dan Scott
Walter KingsfordDr. Cole
Rachel AmesAmy Kern
Bill WilliamsBill Twining
Bruce BennettDr. Hugh Bentley
Arthur FranzDr. Jeff Conover
Charles MaxwellAgent John Randall
Herbert L. StrockDirector
Paul GuilfoyleDirector
Eddie DavisDirector
Henry S. KeslerDirector
Tom GriesDirector
Jack ArnoldDirector
Leigh JasonDirector
Jack HerzbergDirector
Leon BensonDirector
Alvin GanzerDirector
Leslie GoodwinsDirector
Lew LandersDirector
William CastleDirector
Ivan TorsWriter
Stuart JeromeWriter
Lou HustonWriter
Arthur WeissWriter
Doris GilbertWriter
Norman JolleyWriter
Lee HewittWriter
Ellis MarcusWriter
Hendrik VollaertsWriter
Jerry SackheimWriter
Robert SmithWriter
Robert M. FrescoWriter
Tom GriesWriter
Sloan NibleyWriter
Thelma SchneeWriter
Richard Joseph TuberWriter
George Van MarterWriter
Meyer DolinskyWriter
George AsnessWriter
Peter R. BrookeWriter
Joel RappWriter
Eric FreiwaldWriter
John BennettWriter
Leon BensonWriter
Lee BergWriter
George FassWriter
Gertrude FassWriter
Jack FinneyWriter
Arthur Fitz-RichardWriter
Anna HungerWriter
Curtis KenyonWriter
Gene LevittWriter
R. DeWitt MillerWriter
Donn MullallyWriter
Robert SchaeferWriter
Stanley G. WeinbaumWriter
Bill BuchananWriter
John BushnellWriter
Lue HallWriter
Stanley H. SilvermanWriter
Charles B. SmithWriter
Donald CoreyWriter
William R. EppersonWriter
Laurence HeathWriter
George KenyonWriter
Jack RockWriter
Ivan TorsProducer
Ivan TorsIn Charge Of Production
Frederick W. ZivExecutive Producer
Maurice ZivExecutive Producer
Maurice ZivProducer
Robert L. RosenAssociate Producer
Norman JolleyAssociate Producer
Jerry ThomasAssociate Producer
William TalmanAssociate Producer
Howie HorwitzAssociate Producer