Humanoids From The Deep [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

James Horner
Ships by: 2024-07-02
Available in: US & Canada

Special Offer: This exclusive Sea Blue/Humanoid Green colored vinyl is a limited edition of 1,000 units.

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Description is thrilled to re-release James Horner’s Humanoids From The Deep soundtrack, back on vinyl for the first time since 1980 and now in a spectacular expanded collector’s edition as part of our dive into Horner’s work for Roger Corman! (Check out our Battle Beyond The Stars vinyl as well)

Humanoids From The Deep remains one of Corman’s most memorable productions with New World Pictures. Taking the time-tested tale of an unsuspecting coastal town terrorized by hideous sea-beasts, The King of the Bs injected a healthy dose of his signature gore and bare flesh and landed a home video cult classic. The movie even helped start the careers of effects artist Rob Bottin (The Thing, RoboCop), editor Mark Goldblatt (The Terminator, Starship Troopers), and one young aspiring film composer.

James Horner’s next score for Corman after cutting his teeth on The Lady In Red and Up From The Depths, Humanoids From The Deep showcases his understanding of the horror movie medium and his considerable composing talents with a score orchestrated for strings, woodwinds, piano, harp and percussion while leaving all brass at the door save a lone trumpet for select solo work. Indebted to everything from Bernard Herrmann’s collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock to Jerry Goldsmith’s science fiction explorations (especially Alien), Horner’s score clearly demonstrates the unique ability to synthesize styles that would make him one of the most sought after film composers of the 80s and 90s.

  • All newly-remixed from recently discovered 2” 24-track session elements, preserving Horner’s mix and program choice but with crisper and more detailed sound quality for this bold and moody score.
  • 23 tracks on 1 LP
  • Gorgeous cover art by Laz Marquez
  • Sea Blue/Humanoid Green colored vinyl
  • Illustrated insert with liner notes from John Takis and Intrada’s Douglass Fake
  • (Each colored vinyl is pressed uniquely and may vary from how it is pictured here)


  1. Main Title (From Humanoids From The Deep) [2:25]
  2. The Buck-O [3:47]
  3. Surprise For Baron [3:02]
  4. Men Discover Dogs [0:32]
  5. Peggy’s House [2:07]
  6. Trip Up River [1:58]
  7. Footprint [0:13]
  8. Jerry And Peggy [0:53]
  9. Borden Catches Something [1:04]
  10. Jerry’s Death [2:01]
  11. Peggy’s Rape [1:02]
  12. The Tent [0:29]
  13. Humanoid’s Head [0:20]


  1. Tommy’s Struggle [2:53]
  2. The Search [1:53]
  3. The Underwater Boat By [0:32]
  4. Night Swim [1:48]
  5. The Grotto [2:45]
  6. Drake’s Lab [0:34]
  7. Hill House [1:38]
  8. Carol’s Final Confrontation [3:03]
  9. Aftermath [2:23]
  10. End Title (From Humanoids From The Deep) [2:12]

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