In the wake of Maui’s devastating wildfires, we here at Shout! are captivated by the resilience of the unbroken aloha spirit. Humanity outshines tragedy; that’s why we’re rallying behind Maui in their time of need to contribute 3% of our gross sales in September to provide aid to those affected by the blazes in Lahaina. The scale of which has exacted a massive toll, but together we can make a difference. 

Your direct donation – or our donation based on your purchase on the Shout! site – can help provide immediate relief to those impacted. Each of the charities we have selected pass 100% of the donations directly to the support of the community and the rebuilding effort.

To put things into context, Lahaina was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i for 25 years and home to the sacred Moku‘ula, the piko (center) of the Kingdom and the burial home to many of the ali‘i (chiefs). The loss of any ʻāina (land) is deeply felt by the Hawaiian community, but the destruction in Lahaina will echo for many generations to come.

Your generosity will not only help them rebuild but also show the strength of our unity and aloha spirit. We will make direct donations to the following charities, but feel free to give independently if you’re inclined to do so:


Through times of hardship, Shout! remains committed to service and giving back. As Maui works to rebuild in the aftermath of the Lahaina fires, we humbly ask that you stand by us in support of Hawai’i.

Aʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia means “no task is too big when done together by all”.

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