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Castle Talk [Podcast]: Shout! Factory Keeps The Cult Video Coming, But One Show Works Everywhere

"Tony Salvaggio and Jason Henderson chat with Gene Pao, VP Digital at Shout! Factory, about what makes the premiere brand of cult film and TV tick. We talk about the amazing brand that is “VHS Vault,” as well as the surprising resilience of Mystery Science Theater 3000, no matter the medium."

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Hayao Miyazaki's Catalog Returns to Blu-ray in Magical New Editions

"Each of these films looks and sounds so crisp and clear in these Blu-ray editions, you’ll forget any other version of you’ve seen. You can see the individual elements used for the animation, in the backgrounds and characters, and they’re gorgeous things to behold."

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20 Streaming Services That Aren't Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime

"[Shout! Factory TV] is an offshoot of the DVD and Blu-ray distribution company of the same name. It offers ad-supported access to cult favorites, with a selection that strongly evokes the bygone experience of browsing through the aisles of an independent video rental store."

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Twitch is going to stream Mystery Science Theater 3000 for six days

"The MST3K stream will be the latest in a popular and ongoing trend of non-gaming-related marathons for Twitch, but a first for Shout Factory, the corporate parent of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The company regularly streams MST3K marathons on YouTube every Thanksgiving, but this will be its first foray onto Twitch, on its new official Shout Factory channel."

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Want to catch a classic flick? Try streaming it

"...the mix is eclectic. Vintage TV series include Route 66 (1960-64) and Dennis the Menace (1959-63), and art-house fare includes Werner Herzog's 1979 Nosferatu the Vampyre and John Cassavetes' 1968 indie drama Faces."

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Shout! Factory brings classic and cult TV, movies to Net

"Home video company Shout! Factory is making its library of movies, specials and TV shows such as Dennis the Menace and Mystery Science Theater 3000 available on a new free, ad-supported streaming service."

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Shout! Factory Wants to Be Your Go-to Streaming Source for Classic TV

"Shout! Factory's brand has always focused firmly on the past: DVD sets of classic TV series ranging from The Phil Silvers Show to Pee-wee's Playhouse. But the company itself has kept an eye on the future..."

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