Creepshow III

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Lock the door, close the blinds, and get set for more thrills, chills, and spills with the third installment of Creepshow! Five ghoulish takes on the classic 1950s horror comics, each an exercise in pure terror, include hair-raising tales about demonic possession, blood-sucking vampires, serial killers, mad scientists, and hauntings from beyond the grave. It's all here in Creepshow III, your ticket to more merry macabre fun!

Bonus Features for Blu-ray

  • Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo; English DTS-HD Master 5.1
  • A Behind-The Scenes Look At Creepshow III Including Interviews With The Directors, Writers, Actors, And Make-Up Artists (25 Minutes)
  • Trailer

Product Information

104 min
Region A

Cast & Crew

DirectorAna Clavell
WriterAna Clavell
Alice (segment "Alice")Stephanie Pettee
Alice Family #1: Father / Detective Jacobs (segment "Alice")Roy Abramsohn
Alice Family #1: Mother (segment "Alice")Susan Schramm
Alice Family #1: Grandmother / Dean Thompson (segment "Alice")Bunny Gibson
Alice Family #1: Jesse (segment "Alice")Matt Fromm
Alice Family #2: Father (segment "Alice")Nathan Kirkland
Alice Family #2: Mother (segment "Alice")Selma Pinkard
Alice Family #2: Grandmother (segment "Alice")Kalena Knox
Alice's Family #2 - Jesse (segment "Alice")Brian Jacobs
Alice Family #3: Father (segment "Alice")Leonardo Millán
Alice Family #3: Grandmother (segment "Alice")Margarita Lugo
Alice Family #3: Jesse (segment "Alice")Robert Gonzalez
Harry the Postman (segment "Alice")Simon Burzynski
Neighbor (segment "Alice")Rami Rank
Neighbor Kid (segment "Alice") (as Derek Schacter)Derek Schachter
Jerry (segment "The Radio")AJ Bowen
Eva (segment "The Radio")Elina Madison
Leon (segment "The Radio")Akil Wingate
The Radio (segment "The Radio") (voice)Cara Cameron
Legless the Homeless Man (segment "The Radio")Elwood Carlisle
Ronald (segment "The Radio")Justin Smith
Sherry the Hooker (segment "The Radio")Karen Agnes
TV Executive (segment "The Radio") (as Janes Dudelson)James Glenn Dudelson
Passed-out Junkie (segment "The Radio")Scott Dudelson
Rachael (segment "Call Girl")Camille Lacey
Victor (segment "Call Girl")Ryan Carty
Street Girl (segment "Call Girl")Moya Nkruma
Claire The Homeless Woman (segment "Call Girl")Eileen Dietz
Fat Joe (segment "Call Girl") (as Pablo Pappano)Pablo C. Pappano
Father (segment "Call Girl")Frank Pappano
Other (segment "Call Girl")Margaret Pappano
Professor Dayton (segment "The Professor's Wife") (as Emmet Mcguire)Emmet McGuire
Kathy (segment "The Professor's Wife")Bo Kresic
Professor Dayton (segment "The Professor's Wife")Emmett McGuire
Charles (segment "The Professor's Wife")Michael Madrid
John (segment "The Professor's Wife") (as Ben Prosnky)Ben Pronsky
Father Russo (segment "The Professor's Wife") (as Joseph Russo)Joe Russo II
Dr. Farwell (segment "Haunted Dog")Kris Allen
Cliffie (segment "Haunted Dog")Ed Dyer
Alice Family #3: Mother (segment "Alice")Magi Avila
Mrs. Lexington (segment "Haunted Dog")Leigh Rose
Stephen Rhodes (segment "Haunted Dog")Dean Dinning
Dusty Rhodes (segment "Haunted Dog")Katherine Barber
Security Guard (segment "Haunted Dog")John C. Larkin
Dr. McKinney (segment "Haunted Dog")Mike Dalager
Nurse (segment "Haunted Dog")April Wade
Hot Dog Man (segment "Haunted Dog")Greg McDougall
Ambulance Attendant 1 (segment "Haunted Dog")Andre Dupont
Ambulance Attendant (segment "Haunted Dog")Christopher Estes
Dino (segment "Haunted Dog")Dean Battaglia
Street Person / Wedding GuestMaxine Alexandris
Street Person / Wedding GuestJim Bach
Street Person / Wedding GuestMichael Bargold
Street Person / Wedding GuestJean Barlow
Street Person / Wedding GuestTatyana Belenyuk
Street Person / Wedding GuestLaura Bocaletti
Street Person / Wedding GuestDanny Brubelac
Street Person / Wedding GuestJames Chacko
Street Person / Wedding GuestTymeka L. Coney
Street Person / Wedding GuestLemo Coney
Street Person / Wedding GuestBrandon Devaughn
Street Person / Wedding GuestIda Dobrescu
Street Person / Wedding GuestLinda Dodson
Street Person / Wedding GuestBesie Douglas
Street Person / Wedding GuestMichelle Flevotomas
Street Person / Wedding GuestScott Frazelle
Street Person / Wedding GuestDonna Friedman
Street Person / Wedding GuestS. Hartman
Street Person / Wedding GuestChristine Hoberg
Street Person / Wedding GuestJ. Hadaly
Street Person / Wedding GuestErla Jackson
Street Person / Wedding GuestJeff Jonentis
Street Person / Wedding Guest (as Jeff Kaiser)Jeffrey Kaiser
Street Person / Wedding GuestJason Kias
Street Person / Wedding GuestRebecca Kuo
Street Person / Wedding GuestKelly Lynch
Street Person / Wedding GuestAndy Mechamnil
Street Person / Wedding GuestJeff Michaud
Street Person / Wedding GuestRyan Morton
Street Person / Wedding GuestEric Mueller
Street Person / Wedding GuestKevin McAzzo
Street Person / Wedding GuestScott Nelson
Street Person / Wedding GuestYvonne Nortey
Street Person / Wedding GuestAnderson Obregon
Street Person / Wedding GuestRobert O'Connor
Street Person / Wedding GuestBeverly Oliver
Street Person / Wedding GuestMonta One-Na
Street Person / Wedding GuestMichelle Osorio
Street Person / Wedding GuestChris Oswald
Street Person / Wedding GuestAmy Pierson
Street Person / Wedding GuestSarah Pilla
Street Person / Wedding GuestPirath
Street Person / Wedding GuestCalvin Snyder
Street Person / Wedding GuestLauren Welk
Street Person / Wedding GuestJohn Wiloski
Street Person / Wedding GuestLisa Yuan
Street Person / Wedding GuestJeb Younger
Street Person / Wedding GuestAdam Zika
Party PersonKelly Barksdale
Party PersonClaire Bernard
Party PersonAnna Bodarenko
Party PersonKathryyn Burnett
Party PersonThalinee Boonyiapatipa
Party Person (as Elena Caruso)Elena Nikitina Bick
Party PersonBen Ceccarelli
Party PersonJeremy Christiansen
Party PersonLisa Dudelson
Party PersonGeorge Farrunta
Party PersonJuniette Griffin
Party PersonGary Hiller
Party PersonRichard Martinez
Party Person (as Andrew Mia)Drew Mia
Party PersonLeah Montoya
Party PersonBerenike Morkramer
Party PersonKelli Motel
Party PersonTariq Marshall
Party PersonEvan Olman
Party PersonMike Pedra
Party PersonSarah Rossi
Party PersonJordan Rush
Party PersonTzvia Rush
Party PersonVictoria Rusinova
Party PersonDerek Steinorth
Party PersonKristina Sukamto
Party PersonAngela Swan
Party PersonScott Swierski
Party PersonShamya Ullah
Party PersonAndrea Wilson
Party PersonKeli Wright
Party PersonCynthia Youngblood
Hospital Staff / PatientAna Clavell
Hospital Staff / PatientKaren 'K.C.' Cortes
Hospital Staff / PatientAja Daashuuk
Hospital Staff / PatientDora Salgado
Hospital Staff / PatientEmily Eggan
Hospital Staff / PatientAlex Ferry
Hospital Staff / PatientBrian Henessy
Hospital Staff / PatientCory Hett
Hospital Staff / PatientLafa Jones
Hospital Staff / PatientSaravoot Kaitkalang
Hospital Staff / Patient (as James LeGoy)James M. LeGoy
Hospital Staff / PatientLeo Robert LeGoy
Hospital Staff / PatientShirley LeGoy
Hospital Staff / PatientAlex Reveliotty
Hospital Staff / PatientArmand Richard
Hospital Staff / PatientLaVon Rosa
Hospital Staff / PatientSuzanne Diamond Rudman
Hospital Staff / Patient (as Jordan Russell)Jordan Euclid Russell
Hospital Staff / PatientMelissa Salpietra
Hospital Staff / PatientJessica Schulte
Hospital Staff / PatientKurt Schneider
Hospital Staff / PatientAndrew Sears
Hospital Staff / PatientGabriel Smith
Hospital Staff / PatientLauna Staehle
Hospital Staff / PatientDavid Tran
Hospital Staff / PatientSelby Van Horne
Hospital Staff / PatientBrad Wallace
Hospital Staff / PatientCurtis Walker
Hospital Staff / PatientBrandon Kaplan
Waiting room patron (uncredited)Arron Kinser
Produced byAna Clavell
Music byChris Anderson
Cinematography byJames M. LeGoy
Film Editing byAna Clavell
Production Design bySuzanne Rattigan
Art Direction byKory Goetzman
Set Decoration byLauna Staehle
Costume Design byHeather Sladinski
Makeup DepartmentGreg McDougall
Production ManagementLuke Guidici
Second Unit Director or Assistant DirectorBrian Hennessy
Art DepartmentVeronica C. Daniel
Sound DepartmentSusan Fitz-Simon
Special Effects byChris Hampton
Visual Effects byBen Ceccarelli
Camera and Electrical DepartmentGenaro Arroyo
Costume and Wardrobe DepartmentSelby Van Horne
Editorial DepartmentLuke Guidici
Script and Continuity DepartmentValesca Cnossen
Additional CrewErika Canchola