Black Christmas [Collector's Edition]

Released: December 13, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Scream Factory
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"A Terrifying Genre Masterpiece." – Dave Alexander, Rue Morgue

The college town of Bedford is receiving an unwelcome guest this Christmas. As the residents of sorority house Pi Kappa Sigma prepare for the festive season, a stranger begins to stalk the house.

A series of obscene phone calls start to plague the residents of the sorority and it becomes clear that a psychopath is homing in on the sisters with dubious intentions. And though the police try to trace the calls, they discover that nothing is as it seems during this Black Christmas. "Stuffed with extremely tense moments, chilling cinematography, amazing characters and long-lasting dread… [this] genuine classic is completely deserving of every bit of respect and admiration it's picked up over the last 40 years" (

Why We Love It

"Black Christmas remains a bone-chilling and terrifying horror masterwork. Shout! Factory has really assembled an "Ultimate Edition" for the film, cobbling together nearly all the bonus materials available on previous DVDs and Blu-rays…I endorse this release with my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION." – Dr. Stephen Larson,

"Black Christmas birthed the slasher genre back in 1974 and remains a highly influential piece of horror cinema to this day. It’s a taut thriller with a great cast and frights that linger well after the credits roll. Shout! Factory’s choice to retain the film’s 70’s patina should satisfy classic horror fans." – Bruce Douglas, High Def Digest

"Scream Factory’s Blu-ray release is more than welcome with a beautiful transfer of the film and a massive amount of extras. It’s a must-own and will likely become regular holiday viewing for many horror fans. Highly recommended." – Tim Salmons, The Digital Bits

"Scream Factory has done us a favor by rolling over special features from both releases resulting in several interview segments and mini documentaries put together from different years making the completest in me very satisfied. This collector’s edition comes highly recommended for both fans old and new." – Jon Abrams, Daily Grindhouse

"Black Christmas is the quintessential holiday horror film, and Scream Factory has done an excellent job with this collector's edition, amassing all previous extras along with a new beautiful 2k scan of the film." – Ryne Barber, The Moon is a Dead World


Bonus Features


  • NEW 2016 2K Scan Of The Negative (1.85:1) – DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, DTS-HD Master Audio Mono
  • Audio Commentary With Director Bob Clark
  • Audio Commentary With Actors John Saxon And Keir Dullea
  • Audio Commentary With Billy (Actor Nick Mancuso)
  • Audio Interview With Director Bob Clark


  • 2006 Critical Mass HD Master (1.78:1) – DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
  • NEW Film And Furs – Remembering Black Christmas With Art Hindle
  • NEW Victims And Virgins – Remembering Black Christmas With Lynne Griffin
  • Black Christmas Legacy
  • 40th Anniversary Panel At FanExpo 2014 Featuring John Saxon, Art Hindle, Lynne Griffin & Nick Mancuso
  • On Screen!: Black Christmas Featurette
  • 12 Days Of Black Christmas Featurette
  • Black Christmas Revisited Featurette
  • Archival Interviews With Olivia Hussey, Art Hindle, Margot Kidder, Bob Clark, & John Saxon
  • Midnight Screening Q&A With Bob Clark, John Saxon And Carl Zittrer
  • Two Scenes With A New Vocal Soundtrack
  • Original Theatrical Trailers (English And French)
  • Original TV And Radio Spots
  • Alternative Title Sequences
  • Still Gallery

Product Information

Black Christmas

Olivia Hussey Jess
Keir Dullea Peter
Margot Kidder Barb
John Saxon Lt. Ken Fuller
Marian Waldman Mrs. Mac
Andrea Martin Phyl
James Edmond Mr. Harrison
Doug McGrath Sargeant Nash
Art Hindle Chris Hayden
Lynne Griffin Clare Harrison
Bob Clark Director
Roy Moore Screenplay
Gerry Arbeid Co-producer
Bob Clark Producer
Findlay Quinn Executive Producer
Richard Schouten Associate Producer

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