Itsy Bitsy

Released: October 1, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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A creepy, crawly horror film with legs.

A single mother, Kara (Elizabeth Roberts), moves from New York to the quiet countryside with her two children for a job opportunity she can't afford to turn down. The family moves into their humble new guesthouse, where her teenage son, Jesse (Arman Darbo), begins the unhappy task of looking after his little sister, Cambria (Chloe Perrin). Kara begins her work as a private nurse to Walter (Bruce Davison), a man stricken with multiple sclerosis and an appraiser of rare antiquities ... but Walter's secret past soon invites doom and terror. Jesse discovers a mysterious relic of ancient origin that had been brought to the household by Ahkeeba (Treva Etienne), a shady international associate of Walter's. All too quickly, they discover that the relic contains more than just legends and myths. Inside waits a terrifying creature born of ancient darkness and pure instinct: a prehistoric cave spider unlike the modern world has ever seen.

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentary With Director/Writer Micah Gallo
  • Audio Commentary With Director/Writer Micah Gallo And Writers Bryan Dick And Jason Alvino
  • The Spider: Beginnings
  • Itsy Bitsy: The Journey
  • Denise On Set
  • Kickstarter Mini-Featurettes
  • The Most Spidery Spider – Andy Dick Screen Tests For Itsy Bitsy
  • Storyboard Gallery
  • Trailers

Product Information

Itsy Bitsy

Bruce Davison Walter Clark
Elizabeth Roberts Kara Spencer
Denise Crosby Sheriff Jane Dunne
Arman Darbo Jesse Spencer
Chloe Perrin Cambria Spencer
Treva Etienne Ahkeeba
Matty Cardarople Deputy Donny
Eileen Dietz Fran the Waitress
Grace Shen Motherly Priestess
Doua Moua Actor
Micah Gallo Director
Jason Alvino Screenplay
Bryan Dick Screenplay
Micah Gallo Screenplay
Micah Gallo Story
John W. Bosher Co-executive Producer
Beau Boudreaux Associate Producer
Chris Charles Co-executive Producer
Jesse Curl Co-producer
Ricardo Delgado Co-producer
Nelson Diaz Associate Producer
Eileen Dietz Associate Producer
Nicole Flores Line Producer
Nick Ford Associate Producer
Lori Gallo Associate Producer
Michael Gallo Co-executive Producer
Peter Gallo Co-executive Producer
Juan Gutierrez Associate Producer
Tyler A. Hawes Executive Producer
Jonathan Helmuth Executive Producer
Brandon K. Hogan Executive Producer
Linda Jelacich Co-executive Producer
Kevin Klemm Associate Producer
Cory Neal Executive Producer
Adam W. Rosen Executive Producer
Sherrie Spendlove Co-executive Producer
Geno Tazioli Executive Producer
Charlize Toratani Associate Producer

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