Saturn 3

Released: December 3, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Some “thing” is wrong on Saturn 3

Adam (Kirk Douglas) and Alex (Farrah Fawcett) are two scientists stationed deep beneath the barren surface of Saturn's third moon, Titan. They live together in idyllic isolation in a space-age Eden, seeking new forms of food for an exhausted planet Earth. Their perfect world is interrupted when Benson (Harvey Keitel) arrives as Saturn goes into eclipse and cuts off communication with the rest of the solar system. Aided by his 'helper robot' Hector, James reduces life to one single purpose…survival. The robot becomes violently unmanageable. For Adam and Alex, their only hope is to flee, but the homicidal robot stands in their way. Produced and directed by legendary filmmaker Stanley Donen (Singin’ In The Rain, Charade and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers), Saturn 3 is a pulse-pounding study in sci-fi suspense!

Why We Love It

“Wrongly scorned by critics and genre-fans alike, Stanley Donen’s 1980 slice of prime SF exploitation gets a well-earned and quite impressive Blu-ray release from Scream Factory.” – Chris McEneany,

“The Blu-ray arrives with an excellent high-def transfer and a reasonably good audio presentation. With decent set of supplements to boost, long-time fans and cult enthusiasts will enjoy having this in their collection.” – M. Enois Duarte, High-Def Digest

“The extras are incredibly engaging and informative.  The commentary track provides an incredible passion and history regarding the production and all the film’s players.  Its almost worth recommending it over the actual audio.  However, that audio is pretty great in itself.  The highlight of the disc is its picture quality.  This is possibly the best work I’ve seen from Scream Factory.  The print is in pristine condition and the transfer here is outstanding.  It might just have to be seen to be believed, but it is downright amazing for a 33 year old, forgotten, cult, sci fi/horror, B picture.”  – Brandon Peters, Why So Blu


Bonus Features

  • New High Definition Transfer
  • Commentary by Greg Moss (Saturn 3 Fan site) and film critic David Bradley
  • Interviews with Academy Award winning Special Effects artist Colin Chilvers and actor Roy Dotrice
  • Deleted Scene
  • Additional scenes from the network television version
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Still Gallery

Product Information

Saturn 3

Farrah Fawcett Actor
Harvey Keitel Actor
Kirk Douglas Actor
Martin Amis Writer
Stanley Donen Director
Stanley Donen Producer
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