Sisters: The Final Season

Released: November 8, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Say goodbye to your favorite Sisters.

The Reed siblings return for the sixth and final season of the hit series Sisters. A popular and award-winning 90s television favorite, Sisters explored the bonds of family and womanhood like few series had ever attempted before. Veering from light humor to powerful drama, Sisters captivated audiences with its sharp characters and engaging plotlines.

Starring Swoosie Kurtz, Sela Ward, Patricia Kalember, and Sheila Kelley, Sisters: The Final Season is a fine send-off for both the Reeds and their legions of fans. Complete your collection of one of your favorite series today – and never forget the words of Reed family matriarch Beatrice (Elizabeth Hoffman): "The men in your life may leave you. Children grow up. Parents pass away. The only ones who are there for you, from cradle to grave, are your Sisters."


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Episode Episode Title
1 Sisters: 100
2 Sisters: Out Of The Woods
3 Sisters: The Passion Of Our Youth
4 Sisters: One Fine Day
5 Sisters: Deceit
6 Sisters: A Perfect Circle
7 Sisters: Change of Life
8 Sisters: Renaissance Woman
9 Sisters: A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation
10 Sisters: Sleeping Beauty
11 Sisters: A Tough Act To Follow
12 Sisters: A Sudden Change Of Heart
13 Sisters: The Man That Got Away
14 Sisters: Double, Double, Toil And Trouble
15 Sisters: Impersonators
16 Sisters: The Best Man
17 Sisters: A Little Snag
18 Sisters: Don't Go To Springfield
19 Sisters: Where There's Smoke...
20 Sisters: Leap Before You Look
21 Sisters: Dreamcatcher
22 Sisters: The Price
23 Sisters: Guess Who's Coming To Seder
24 Sisters: Nothing Personal
25 Sisters: Housecleaning
26 Sisters: Taking A Gamble
27 Sisters: War & Peace, Part 1
28 Sisters: War & Peace, Part 2
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Sisters: The Final Season

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