McHale's Navy: The Complete Series

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It's not just a job—it's a hilarious complete series collection!

Climb aboard the PT-73 and set a course for classic television comedy with McHale's Navy: The Complete Series, a 138-episode voyage of military mirth and madness. With an amazing cast, including Academy Award® winner* Ernest Borgnine, comic genius Tim Conway, and the indisputable brilliance of Joe Flynn, McHale's Navy was a mainstay of television viewing throughout its original network run from 1962-1966 and an unsinkable juggernaut in reruns for decades to come.

In the Pacific Theater of WWII, veteran seaman Quinton McHale (Borgnine) is commissioned into the Navy Reserve and named skipper of the Torpedo Patrol (PT) Boat #73. Along with his crew of good-hearted swabbies who love to have fun, McHale is a constant thorn in the side of his base commander, Captain Wallace B. Binghamton (Flynn). Binghamton is forever trying to find a way to get rid of McHale and his rule-bending crew, while McHale and company are forever scheming to keep him from succeeding. It all adds up to the wackiest tour-of-duty television has ever seen!

Featuring sharp writing and an indelible supporting cast, including Carl Ballantine (Mr. Saturday Night) and Gavin MacLeod (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Love Boat), McHale's Navy is classic television at its finest – and funniest.

*1955: Best Actor in a Leading Role, Marty

Bonus Features for DVD

  • The Crew Reunion – Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, Carl Ballantine, Bob Hastings And Edson Stroll Reunite And Share Their Memories Of The Show
  • Ernest Borgnine And Tim Conway Remember - The Two Icons Reflect On Their Roles And Experiences In The TV Series, Including A Look Back At The Real-Life Military Careers That Inspired The Characters Of Lt. Cdr. Quinton McHale And Ensign Charles Parker!
  • Two Full-Length Feature Films – Starring The Crew Of The PT-73: McHale's Navy (1964) And McHale's Navy Joins The Air Force (1965)!

Product Information

61 hrs
Color, Black and White
Region 1
Not Rated
1964 / 1965

Cast & Crew

Ernest BorgnineLt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale
Joe FlynnCaptain Wallace B. Binghamton
Tim ConwayEnsign Charles Parker
Carl BallantineLester Gruber
Gary VinsonGeorge Christopher
Billy Sands'Tinker' Bell
Edson StrollVirgil Edwards
John WrightWilly Moss
Yoshio YodaFuji Kobiaji
Bob HastingsLt. Elroy Carpenter
Sidney LanfieldDirector
Hollingsworth MorseDirector
Charles BartonDirector
Edward MontagneDirector
Earl BellamyDirector
Oscar RudolphDirector
Sidney MillerDirector
Jean YarbroughDirector
Norman AbbottDirector
Frank McDonaldDirector
Danny ArnoldWriter
Barry E. BlitzerWriter
Ray BrennerWriter
George Carleton BrownWriter
Tim ConwayWriter
Gene L. CoonWriter
Jerry DavisWriter
Sam DenoffWriter
Stan DrebenWriter
Fred F. FinklehoffeWriter
Bob FisherWriter
Mickey FreemanWriter
Henry GarsonWriter
Frank Gill Jr.Writer
Ralph GoodmanWriter
Joseph HellerWriter
Robert HilliardWriter
Arnold HorwittWriter
Bruce HowardWriter
Scott HuntWriter
William C. JacksonWriter
Robert KaufmanWriter
Beth KeeleWriter
Walter KempleyWriter
Howard LeedsWriter
Albert E. LewinWriter
Sam LockeWriter
Allan ManingsWriter
Bob MarcusWriter
Larry MarkesWriter
Arthur MarxWriter
Jerry MayerWriter
Michael MorrisWriter
John Fenton MurrayWriter
Bill PerskyWriter
Brad RadnitzWriter
Joel RappWriter
William RaynorWriter
Si RoseWriter
Martin RothWriter
Elroy SchwartzWriter
Henry SharpWriter
Danny SimonWriter
Bill StowellWriter
Burt StylerWriter
Gary VinsonWriter
Frank WaldmanWriter
Tom WaldmanWriter
Hugh Wedlock Jr.Writer
Andy WhiteWriter
Myles WilderWriter
John WrightWriter
Edward MontagneProducer
Edward MontagneExecutive Producer
Si RoseProducer
Si RoseAssociate Producer
Ernest BorgnineLt. Commander Quinton McHale
Tim ConwayEnsign Charles Parker
Joe FlynnCaptain Wallace B. Binghamton
Bob HastingsLt. Elroy Carpenter
Gary VinsonQuartermaster George Christopher (Christy)
John WrightWilly Moss
Carl BallantineTorpedoman Lester Gruber
Billy SandsMotor Machinist Mate Harrison Bell
Edson StrollVirgil Edwards
Gavin MacLeodSeaman Joseph 'Happy' Hanes
Edward MontagneDirector
Si RoseStory
Frank Gill Jr.Writer
George Carleton BrownWriter
Edward MontagneProducer
Si RoseAssociate Producer
Joe FlynnCaptain Wallace B. Binghamton
Tim ConwayEnsign Charles Parker
Bob HastingsLt. Elroy Carpenter
Gary VinsonQuatermaster George Christopher
Billy SandsMotor Machinist Mate Harrison Bell
Edson StrollVirgil Edwards
John WrightWilly Moss
Yoshio YodaTakeo 'Fuji' Fugiwara
Gavin MacLeodSeaman Joseph Haines
Tom TullyGen. Harkness
Edward MontagneDirector
William J. LedererStory
John Fenton MurrayWriter
Edward MontagneProducer
Si RoseAssociate Producer