Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series [Third Edition]

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In 1993 two unsuspecting astronauts unleashed the greatest evil Earth had ever known — the heinous witch Rita Repulsa. In the 20 years since, with each new villain more sinister than the last, the citizens of Earth have relied on the Power Rangers to protect them. As a superhero team comprising "teenagers with attitude," the Power Rangers must use their individual strengths combined with the virtue of teamwork to vanquish their foes, keeping Earth safe for another day.

After its premiere in August of 1993, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers became a phenomenon in children's programming unlike anything the world had ever seen. An instant global sensation, the franchise launched a hugely successful toy line, live stage tour, theatrical feature film and, most importantly, two continuous decades of entertainment that captured the imagination of multiple generations of fans. Now you can see where the international sensation began with the complete first series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, on 19 discs, including the ten-episode Alien Rangers miniseries and two discs containing rarely seen archival material and brand-new retrospective featurettes!

Bonus Features for DVD

  • Morphin Time! – A Look Back At The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Phenomenon With Brand-New Interviews Featuring Members Of The Cast And Creative Team
  • A Morphenomenal Cast – Casting Director Katy Wallin And The Show's Stars Recall What It Took To Become Power Rangers
  • The Fans Power Up – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fans Remember The Series
  • Lord Zedd's Monster Heads
  • Alpha's Magical Christmas
  • Rare Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club Video
  • MMPR Karate Club: The White Ranger Kata
  • Power Rangers Live: The World Tour
  • ...And More!

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51 hrs
Region 1

Cast & Crew

Richard Steven HorvitzAlpha 5
David YostBilly Cranston, The Blue Ranger
Ed NeilPutty Patroller, Lord Zedd, Tenga
David J. FieldingZordon, Zoltar
Paul SchrierBulk, Farkas 'Bulk' Bulkmeier, One-Eyed Bulk
Jason NarvySkull, Eugene 'Skull' Skullovitch, Doc Skullovitch
Barbara GoodsonRita Repulsa, Turbanshell
Amy Jo JohnsonKimberly Hart, The Pink Ranger
Robert L. ManahanZordon
Jason David FrankTommy Oliver, The White Ranger, The Green Ranger
Terence H. WinklessDirector
Robert HughesDirector
John StewartDirector
Shuki LevyDirector
Robert RadlerDirector
Worth KeeterDirector
Jonathan TzachorDirector
Jerry P. JacobsDirector
Armand GarabidianDirector
David BlythDirector
Adrian CarrDirector
Jeffrey ReinerDirector
John BlizekDirector
Marco GaribaldiDirector
Douglas SloanDirector
Strathford HamiltonDirector
Vickie BronaughDirector
Isaac FlorentineDirector
Larry LittonDirector
Paul SchrierDirector
Dan KokoDirector
Shuki LevyWriter
Shell DanielsonWriter
Stewart St. JohnWriter
Douglas SloanWriter
Cheryl SabanWriter
Mark HoffmeierWriter
Mark LittonWriter
Judd LynnWriter
Julianne KlemmWriter
Ellen Levy-SarnoffWriter
Peggy NicollWriter
Gary GlasbergWriter
Dan SarnoffWriter
Tony OliverWriter
Jeff DeckmanWriter
Steve KramerWriter
Mark RyanWriter
Ronnie SperlingWriter
Jackie MarchandWriter
Chris SchoonWriter
Tom WynerWriter
Barbara OliverWriter
Gilles WheelerWriter
Mark McKainWriter
Cindy McKayWriter
Sindy McKayWriter
Jerry P. JacobsWriter
Terri Hughes BurtonWriter
Ron MilbauerWriter
Kati RockyWriter
Haim SabanWriter
Saburo YatsudeWriter
Charlotte FullertonWriter
Steven MelchingWriter
Taylor GrantWriter
Jack OleskerWriter
Shuki LevyProducer
Tony OliverProducer
Tony OliverProducer
Haim SabanProducer
Ronnie HadarProducer
Ellen Levy-SarnoffProducer
Paul RosenthalProducer
Paul RosenthalProducer
Jonathan TzachorProducer
Ann AustenProducer
Douglas SloanProducer
Winston RichardProducer
Dan Evans IIIProducer
Jamie SimoneProducer
Ken FukuyoshiProducer
Dan KokoProducer