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Every woman wants to be wanted… just not for Murder One!

Director John Waters (Pink Flamingos, Hairspray) brings his twisted cinematic vision to the seemingly mundane world of suburbia in Serial Mom, an outrageous dark comedy starring Kathleen Turner (Body Heat, Romancing The Stone).

Beverly (Turner) is the perfect happy homemaker. Along with her doting husband Eugene (Sam Waterston) and two children, Misty (Ricki Lake) and Chip (Matthew Lillard), she lives a life straight out of Good Housekeeping. But this nuclear family just might explode when Beverly's fascination with serial killers collides with her ever-so-proper code of ethics – transforming her from middle class mom to mass murderer! Soon, the bodies begin to pile up… and suburbia faces a horror even worse than wearing white after Labor Day.

Featuring appearances by Mink Stole, Suzanne Somers, Traci Lords, and Patty Hearst, Serial Mom is a bloody hilarious tale that's as American as motherhood, the flag, and apple die.

Why We Love It

Serial Mom continues to be a quirky little horror comedy poking fun at suburbia in a way that only someone like John Waters could. Scream Factory brings it to a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray that seemingly puts in the missing piece to the bonus materials on previous DVD to complete it out. The picture quality is quite solid to go with some good audio in its best presentation. Fans should be happy with this very nice upgrade.” – Brandon Peters, Why So Blu

"Serial Mom is one of John Waters's finest crafted films and I'm glad that Shout! Factory has brought it to the States as a CE...A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED package!" — Dr. Stephen Larson,

“But the real treat is a brand new sit down with Waters, Stole and Turner where the three legends hilariously flash back on the making of the movie…In that chat, Waters says that Serial Mom is his best movie. And I think he’s right. It’s a madcap masterpiece.” — Chris Alexander,

Serial Mom has more than earned its place among cult horror comedies and Scream Factory deserves high praise for giving it the feature-rich edition fans have been craving.” — Anthony Arrigo, Dread Central

“Not only does this release come with some new and nice looking Collector’s Edition cover art, but it also comes with at least one new feature that brings us a conversation with director John Waters, actress Kathleen Turner and actress Mink Stole.” – Chuck Conry, Zombies Don’t Run

"Just as side-splittingly disturbing as it was nearly 25 years ago, Serial Mom is an example of pitch black comedy done pitch perfect…Scream Factory’s Blu-ray is a boon for fans that have been craving this cult comedy in HD along with a smattering of worthwhile bonus features." – Anthony Arrigo, DVD Compare

"Serial Mom is damn fun film, loaded with Waters' patented blend of suburban satire and dark humor, and some biting social commentary. The new disc from Scream Factory looks good and the extras are plentiful, if you're a fan this is a must-own." – Ken Kastenhuber, McBastard’s Mausoleum

Bonus Features for Blu-ray

  • NEW – A Conversation With Director John Waters, Actress Kathleen Turner And Actress Mink Stole
  • Serial Mom: Surreal Moments – Featuring Interviews With Waters, Stole, Actress Patricia Hearst, Actress Ricki Lake, Actor Matthew Lillard, Casting Director Pat Moran, Production Designer Vincent Peranio & More!
  • Feature Commentary With John Waters And Kathleen Turner
  • Feature Commentary With John Waters
  • The Making Of Serial Mom – Original Promotional Featurette
  • The Kings Of Gore: Herschel Gordon Lewis And David Friedman Featurette
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

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