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"A wickedly fun horror flick!" – David Germain, Associated Press

Prepare yourself for this terrifying, twisted and chilling film that critics are calling "the most entertaining horror movie in years" (Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch).

From the co-writer and director of Guardians Of The Galaxy and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, comes the deliciously demented story of an unnamed evil wreaking havoc on a small town. Intent on devouring all life on Earth, this dark and slimy entity is infecting anyone in its path. Now it's up to the local sheriff, Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion, Firefly, Serenity), and his team to stop the spread of rampant devastation – and shocking mutilation – before it's too late. This outrageously funny horror film also stars Michael Rooker (Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Walking Dead), Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect) and Gregg Henry (Body Double, Jason Bourne).

Why We Love It

“If you’re a fan of Gunn’s work and haven’t got around to seeing Slither yet, Scream Factory’s Blu-ray is a great way to experience the under-appreciated film.” – Adam Frazier, Geeks of Doom

“Shout! has ported over all of the bonus features on the Universal DVD, recorded a new commentary with Gunn and Fillion, and shot two new interviews. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” – Dr. Stephen Larson,

“Because of where theatrical horror was in the early 2000s—caught up in remakes, J-horror and the more brutal and grim films like Saw and HostelSlither got lost in the shuffle. Seeing it rediscovered over the last ten years to the point where it’s now an excellent Scream Factory special edition has been very rewarding.” – Patrick Bromley, Daily Dead

“Slither is a hilarious, gross and excitingly fun movie that holds up remarkably well. This Blu-ray features a terrific transfer to go along with a fun audio track. Scream Factory has stock piled up the previous extras and added some great new interviews and a commentary all their own. This is a wildly underseen and underappreciated move, and its getting an outstanding little release here that hopefully see more people discovering it, some giving it a second chance and the fans rewarded for their love of the film.” – Brandon Peters, Why So Blu

Bonus Features for Blu-ray

  • NEW Audio Commentary With Writer/Director James Gunn And Actors Nathan Fillion And Michael Rooker
  • NEW The Genesis Of SLITHER – An Interview With Writer/Director James Gunn
  • NEW The Other MacReady – An Interview With Actor Gregg Henry
  • Audio Commentary With James Gunn And Nathan Fillion (From 2006)
  • Deleted And Extended Scenes With Optional Commentary By James Gunn
  • Visual Effects: Step By Step
  • Slithery Set Tour With Actor Nathan Fillion
  • The Sick Minds And Slimy Days Of SLITHER
  • Brewing The Blood – How To Make Blood
  • Bringing SLITHER's Creatures To Life
  • Lloyd Kaufman's Video Diary
  • Gag Reel
  • Who Is Bill Pardy? Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

Product Information

96 min
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