Tales From The Crypt Presents: Bordello Of Blood [Collector's Edition]

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"A bawdy romp. Dennis Miller has never been funnier." – Jack Mathews, Los Angeles Times

Wisecracking private eye Rafe Guttman (Dennis Miller, Joe Dirt) investigates some strange happenings at a titillating bordello on the edge of town. It seems owner Madam Lilith (Angie Everhart, Jade) and her luscious cohorts want more than money… they want blood!

Soon Rafe finds himself up to his neck in a den of hungry vampiresses and battling the Reverend Jimmy Current (Chris Sarandon, Fright Night, Child's Play), a slick televangelist with an unstoppable talisman.

Directed by film producer Gilbert Adler (Thir13en Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill), co-starring Erika Eleniak (Under Siege), Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys, The Goonies), Aubrey Morris (A Clockwork Orange) and Phil Fondacaro (Ghoulies II), and brimming with blood, lust and wicked laughs, this is one brothel you'll visit again and again.

Why We Love It

"Scream Factory has done an admirable job with this Blu-ray edition of the movie, arriving with a strong audio and video presentation that will please most loyal fans. Supplements may not look like much, but the new half-hour, surprisingly good retrospective makes this a very tempting package, sure to entice fans to consider upgrading." - M. Enois Duarte, High Def Digest

"It’s been a maligned movie for many years, mainly because it doesn’t live up its predecessor, but I think giving it a fresh spin will likely surprise many of the folks who derided it initially. Scream Factory’s release of it, especially the documentary that comes with it, is likely to shine a more favorable light on it that genre fans will certainly appreciate, if not love. Highly recommended." – Tim Salmons, The Digital Bits

Tales from the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood sinks its teeth into the high-def market with Scream Factory's excellent Collector's Edition Blu-ray release…Kudos to all the participants who agreed to be interviewed for this retrospective, an invaluable discussion on how easily egos and creative differences can sink a project. Highly recommended. – Dustin Putman, The Blu File

This (Collector’s Edition) Blu-ray release features a lot of cool extras that includes new commentary, a great new making of featurette, a video promo, images and theatrical trailer… I never knew this movie had so many problems during production so this is a fascinating watch that sheds some new light on why Bordello of Blood wasn’t as good as its predecessor, Demon Knight. This featurette alone makes this (Collector’s Edition) Blu-ray release recommended! – Alien Bee

Bonus Features for Blu-ray

  • NEW Audio Commentary With Co-Writer & Producer A.L. Katz
  • NEW Tainted Blood: The Making Of Bordello Of Blood – Interivews With Actors Corey Feldman, Angie Everhart, Erika Eleniak, Co-Writer & Co-Producer A.L. Katz, Editor & Second Unit Director Stephen Lovejoy, And Special Effects Creator Todd Masters
  • Video Promo
  • Still Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

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87 min
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