TerrorVision / The Video Dead [Double Feature]

Released: 2013-02-19
Available in: US & Canada
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Life will never be the same for the Putterman family in Terrorvision. Stanley Putterman (Gerrit Graham) installs a state-of-the-art satellite dish in his backyard. Through a cosmic accident, a wayward monster's energy is beamed across galaxies, into the satellite and onto the Puttermans' television set. The Puttermans don't notice any changes, only better reception and a strange monster continually appearing on the screen. But when the monster leaps off the screen and into the Puttermans' living room, terror erupts, as it needs to feed on humans for its survival!


On a quiet, tree-lined street, evil has arrived in a most ordinary way, an old television set. It receives a single channel, one that not only shows the same film over and over – a horror film where zombies rise from the grave to kill – but also frees the gnarled, evil monsters….and once out, they’re not going back! They like the real world. They’ve already killed five people and want more blood…and a new family is moving into the neighborhood!

Why We Love It

"I just realized I never reviewed this I've had it awhile. I have turned into a pretty big Shout/Scream Factory collector. Their quality is unmatched and they know just what kind of movies I love, WEIRD ones! Terror Vision is a few notches above weird, believe me! I wish they made 500 more just like it. The Video Dead is a different type of movie but pretty weird also. If you like B-movie Sci-Fi and Horror films, this is one of the better double features on the Scream/Shout label. The movies compliment each other nicely and it's not a situation where you get a classic and a dud you won't ever watch. Terror Vision had become my go-to fall asleep film. It's just pure bliss and funny and I just let my mind go and if I fall asleep, no harm. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" — Amazon

"I like this film a lot and I'm not sure why. It's one we use to rent back in the day and it always entertained us. Even then I knew the film was pretty horrible in the acting and story department, but we all still loved it. After a viewing it on Blu and not seeing it for probably 20 years, my opinion is still the same. There is just something about the zombies that are cool and fun to watch." — Amazon

"THE VIDEO DEAD is an entertainingly low rent little zombie flick." — Daily Grindhouse

"Ted Nicolaou’s TERRORVISION, a 1986 pic out of Charles Band’s Empire Pictures, is pretty much the definition of a “cult film” in the purest sense. It’s one of those films that a small segment of viewers love and are unnaturally obsessed with, having spent the last twenty years trying to find a copy of the ancient Lightning Video release and scouring torrent sites in order to hope that someone recorded the airing of the film on MGM HD, enabling them to see the film, at last, in its’ proper format." — Daily Grindhouse

Bonus Features for Blu-ray/DVD

  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Ted Nicolaou and Stars Diane Franklin and Jon Gries
  • Monsters on Demand: The Making of “TERRORVISION” - An all-new retrospective with Writer/Director Ted Nicolaou, Stars Gerrit Graham, Mary Woronov, Diane Franklin, Jon Gries, Chad Allen, Ian Patrick Williams, Special Make-up Effects Creator John Carl Buechl
  • Poster & Still Gallery
  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer/Director Robert Scott, Editor Bob Sarles, and Special Make-up Effects Creator Dale Hall, Jr.
  • Audio Commentary with stars Roxanna Augesen and Rocky Duvall, Production Manager Jacques Thelemaque, and Make-up Assistant Patrick Denver
  • Pre-recorDEAD - All new interviews with Make-up effects creator Dale Hall, Jr. and Make-up Assistant Patrick Denver
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Behind-the-Scenes Still Gallery
180 min
Region A/1
1986 / 1987

Cast & Crew

Ted NicolaouDirector
Diane FranklinActor
Gerrit GrahamActor
Mary WoronovActor
Ted NicolaouWriter
Albert BandProducer