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Released: 2014-02-04
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Kenny Rogers stars in the original film The Gambler, plus two feature-length sequels. Inspired by Rogers' hit song, The Gambler was the first movie in what would become the longest-running miniseries in network television history!

Rogers brings all of his charisma to the role of Brady Hawkes (a.k.a. The Gambler) and is joined by a star-studded supporting cast that includes Bruce Boxleitner, Linda Evans, Linda Gray, Dean Stockwell, Charles Durning, and George Kennedy.


Singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers stars as a card shark with a heart of gold in The Gambler, an Old West tale inspired by one of the most beloved songs of all time. Brady Hawkes (Rogers) is a man who has seen it all...except for the son he never knew. When Hawkes receives a surprising letter from his child, he sets off on a journey to finally meet the boy. In the course of his travels, Hawkes crosses paths with the impetuous Billy Montana (Bruce Boxleitner - Tron), and the two become fast friends. Billy considers himself to be a professional gambler, but he’s got a lot to learn - and Hawkes has got some very familiar advice for him.

Extra Feature: COWARD OF THE COUNTY (1981)

In the tradition of The Gambler series, Coward of the County takes its inspiration from one of Kenny Rogers' all-time greatest hits. Rogers plays a small-town preacher whose nephew has taken a pledge of pacifism at the request of his dying father. The young man's oath is tested when the Gatlin boys attack his loving wife. Featuring Frederic Lane, Largo Woodruff, and William Schreiner.


Brady Hawkes is back in this rip-roaring sequel to The Gambler. When Brady's son Jeremiah is kidnapped by a vicious gang, the gambler and his sidekick Billy Montana saddle up to rescue him. With the aid of the quick-drawing Kat Muldoon (Linda Evans - Dynasty), the stakes couldn't be higher. Will this pair of aces with a queen kicker come out on top?


Brady Hawkes and Billy Montana ride again in this thrilling continuation of The Gambler saga. When the Sioux Nation is threatened by corrupt U.S. Calvary and government officials, it's up to the two friends to resolve the conflict. Also starring Linda Gray, Melanie Chartoff, George Kennedy, and Jeffrey Jones.

94 / 95 / 190 / 190 min
Region 1
Not Rated
1980 / 1981 / 1983 / 1987

Cast & Crew

Kenny RogersUncle Matthew
Fredric LehneTommy Spencer
Largo WoodruffBecky
Mariclare CostelloEmma
Ana AliciaViolet
William SchreinerJimmy Joe Gatlin
Frank KoppalaPaul Gatlin
Todd WaringLuke Gatlin
Noble WillinghamCar-Wash
Joe DorseyLem Gatlin
Dick LowryDirector
Clyde WareTeleplay
Jim ByrnesTeleplay
Clyde WareTelevision Story
Roger BowlingBased On The Song Written By
Billy Edd WheelerBased On The Song Written By
Ken KragenExecutive Producer
Ken KragenProducer
John MariasProducer
Karen 'Sarge' SargentAssociate Producer
Kenny RogersBrady Hawkes
Christine BelfordEliza
Bruce BoxleitnerBilly Montana
Harold GouldArthur Stobridge
Clu GulagerRufe Bennett
Lance LeGaultDoc Palmer
Lee PurcellJennie Reed
Ronnie ScribnerJeremiah
Noble WillinghamConductor
Bruce M. FischerTabor
Dick LowryDirector
Jim ByrnesTeleplay
Cort CasadyStory
Jim ByrnesStory
Don SchlitzSuggested By A Song By
Jim ByrnesProducer
Terence A. DonnellyAssociate Producer
Ken KragenExecutive Producer
Ken KragenProducer
John MariasAssociate Producer
Kenny RogersBrady Hawkes
Bruce BoxleitnerBilly Montana
Linda EvansKate Muldoon
Johnny CrawfordMasket
Charles FieldsJeremiah
David HedisonCarson
Bob HoyJuno
Brion JamesReece
Paul KosloHolt
Cameron MitchellCol. Greeley
Dick LowryDirector
Jim ByrnesTeleplay
Don SchlitzSuggested By A Song By
Jim ByrnesCharacters
Cort CasadyCharacters
Ken KragenProducer
Dick LowryProducer
Neil T. MaffeoSupervising Producer
Kenny RogersBrady Hawkes
Bruce BoxleitnerBilly Montana
Marc AlaimoPvt. Bob Butler
Jeff AllinHomesteader
George American HorseChief Sitting Bull
Carpio BernalIndian #2
Michael BerrymanCpl. Catlett
Sam BoxleitnerBoy with Hat
Jeffrey Alan ChandlerPlow Salesman
Melanie ChartoffDeborah
Dick LowryDirector
Jeb RosebrookWriter
Roderick TaylorWriter
Peter BurrellCo-producer