The Great American Baseball Box

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The Great American Baseball Box illuminates the greatest moments in the game's history, consisting of 4 expansive audio CDs packed inside a padded, textured box that resembles an authentic first base bag.

At the heart of this unique and historic box set lie more than 4 hours of famous on-and off-the-field recordings from the last 80 years of baseball, including great plays, farewell speeches, press conference excerpts, and much more.

Fans can listen to interviews with their favorite players and coaches and hear renowned broadcasters making legendary calls. Plus, The Great American Baseball Box features great songs about the game from such luminaries as John Fogerty, Bob Dylan, Nat King Cole and many more.

The Great American Baseball Box also includes an impressive 60-page full color booklet showcasing the best of baseball history in art and letters ... from the Bronx Bombers of the '30s to "The Shot Heard Round The World" to the curse-lifting BoSox of 2004, from Willie Mays to Hank Aaron to Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds. We've got all the bases covered.

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