The Loretta Young Show: The Best Of The Complete Series [100th Birthday Edition]

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Starting with the very first episode of the original show, Letter from Loretta, this 17 DVD box set includes the very best of The Loretta Young Show, 8 discs of which have never been released on DVD and are exclusive to this set! To add to your enjoyment, bonus features include a conversation with Loretta’s children, rare family home movies and photographs, movie trailers, interviews with veterans of The Loretta Young Show and a short biography that highlights Loretta’s career as actress, mother and role model to millions of American women.

Few celebrities have enjoyed the professional longevity of Hollywood actress Loretta Young, whose remarkable career stretched over seven decades - beginning as a child extra during the Silent Era of motion pictures and attaining star status as a romantic leading lady during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Miss Young appeared in over 100 films during her movie career, most notably The Farmer's Daughter, for which she won an Academy Award®. But in 1953, she announced her retirement from film and signed a contract with Proctor & Gamble and the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to produce and star in her own television series.

Her first show, Letter to Loretta, went on the air that September and was an immediate hit. Later re-titled The Loretta Young Show, her weekly anthology series was the first to feature a female star as host and actress, and made Miss Young one of the best-known and beloved personalities on television.

With a mix of both melodramas and light romantic comedies, the series was designed and intended for a female audience. Young chose stories for their messages, and while many stories affirmed postwar, middle-class ideas about the home, families, and gender roles, the show also explicitly addressed social issues of the day. It stands out as a rare, primetime network drama series where a woman tells her stories.

Why We Love It

“This 17-DVD box set is a must have for fans of Golden Age Television and classic Hollywood aficionados alike…this collection includes the very best of The Loretta Young Show, highlighting Young's career as actress, mother and role model to millions of American women.” – Broadway World

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63 hrs
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Cast & Crew

Loretta YoungSelf - Hostess, Inga Helborg, Sister Ann
John Milton KennedyAnnouncer, Self - Announcer
Robert FoulkHank, Department of Power Man, Headquarters
John NewlandAlex Stark, Creighton Halliday, David Harrison
Dabbs GreerAttendant, Chester Ives, Dentist
Kitty KellyAmy, Edith, Gloria Schumaker
Ann DoranAnne Thomas, Felice Badt, Ginny Tucker
Ricardo MontalbanAngelo Pelligrini, Father Garcia, Father William Gomez
Mabel AlbertsonBabs, Doris, Edna Hardish
George NaderArthur Wayne, Austin Granger, Barry Kendall
Richard MorrisDirector
Robert FloreyDirector
Harry KellerDirector
Norman FosterDirector
John NewlandDirector
Rudolph MatéDirector
Richard CarlsonDirector
Tay GarnettDirector
Richard DonnerDirector
Justus AddissDirector
Jeffrey HaydenDirector
Alan DeWittDirector
Everett SloaneDirector
Don WeisDirector
Laslo BenedekDirector
William BrucknerDirector
Ted PostDirector
Mark StevensDirector
William F. ClaxtonDirector
John KnightDirector
Arthur LubinDirector
Richard MorrisWriter
Richard MorrisWriter
Richard MorrisWriter
Richard MorrisWriter
Richard MorrisWriter
Richard MorrisWriter
William BrucknerWriter
William BrucknerWriter
William BrucknerWriter
William BrucknerWriter
William BrucknerWriter
Pauline StoneWriter
Pauline StoneWriter
Pauline StoneWriter
Pauline StoneWriter
Lowell S. HawleyWriter
Lowell S. HawleyWriter
Lowell S. HawleyWriter
Lowell S. HawleyWriter
Michael CosgroveWriter
Michael CosgroveWriter
Gene LevittWriter
Gene LevittWriter
Gene LevittWriter
Gene LevittWriter
Marian SpitzerWriter
Marian SpitzerWriter
Marian SpitzerWriter
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Marian SpitzerWriter
Devery FreemanWriter
Devery FreemanWriter
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Devery FreemanWriter
Donald S. SanfordWriter
Donald S. SanfordWriter
Donald S. SanfordWriter
Ruth RobertsWriter
Louis E. HolzWriter
Helen L. MorganWriter
Helen L. MorganWriter
Cameron BlakeWriter
Cameron BlakeWriter
John Meredyth LucasWriter
John Meredyth LucasWriter
John Meredyth LucasWriter
Mary Jane WaldoWriter
Steve FisherWriter
Stephen LordWriter
Carlton E. MorseWriter
Carlton E. MorseWriter
Carlton E. MorseWriter
Lydia SchillerWriter
Darryl HickmanWriter
Gabrielle UptonWriter
Gabrielle UptonWriter
Jack RobbinsWriter
Charles BonnerWriter
Charles BonnerWriter
Barbara MerlinWriter
Jack NattefordWriter
Jack NattefordWriter
Luci NattefordWriter
Luci NattefordWriter
Marion ThompsonWriter
Marion ThompsonWriter
Esther McCoyWriter
Esther McCoyWriter
Harlan WardeWriter
Harlan WardeWriter
Hugh BeaumontWriter
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Willis GoldbeckWriter
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Audrey LivesWriter
Joanne MeltonWriter
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Robert ThomsenWriter
Catharine BarrettWriter
Edna BrophyWriter
Eustace CockrellWriter
Paul FranklinWriter
Jean HollowayWriter
Norma MansfieldWriter
Ralph MaysWriter
Lemora Mattingly WeberWriter
Margaret Buell WilderWriter
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Miss Fukiko-sanWriter
Hugo GrimaldiWriter
Harriet PrattWriter
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P.C. TullierWriter
Malvin WaldWriter
Malvin WaldWriter
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Marilyn Cantor BakerWriter
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Bertha HoltWriter
Mary StermerWriter
Walter TevisWriter
Roger AngellWriter
Verne AthanasWriter
Libbie BlockWriter
Edwin BlumWriter
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Lois HireWriter
Joseph LaitinWriter
Nancy Burrage OwenWriter
David RobinsonWriter
David RobinsonWriter
Michael ShaaraWriter
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Tom LewisProducer
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Matthew RapfProducer
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