Wagon Train: Season Two

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Continuing in their great tradition of classic TV westerns, NBC Universal and Timeless Media Group now bring you the complete, uncut Wagon Train- The Complete Season Two, one of the most enduring and sought after westerns of all time. Direct from the vaults at Universal, these 38 episodes have been re-mastered and presented on 10 dual layer DVDs.

Inspired by the classic western film Wagonmaster, directed by John Ford (The Searchers, Stagecoach), Wagon Train debuted on Wednesday, September 18, 1957 on the NBC Television Network. The ensemble acting, wonderful scripts and great western scenery soon made Wagon Train a fixture in American homes on Wednesday nights, as millions of Americans of all ages tuned in to NBC for great family entertainment. Ward Bond, who starred in Wagonmaster, recreated his role from the film as Major Seth Adams. He was joined by costars Robert Horton as Head Scout Flint McCullough, Frank McGrath as the cook Charlie Wooster, and Terry Wilson as Assistant Wagonmaster Bill Hawks, who all brought their skills as horsemen as well as wonderful actors to the show, giving Wagon Train a special, western flavor.

Each well crafted episode focused on a personal story of courage and perseverance of not just the main cast, but of the westward-bound emigrants as they made the perilous journey by Conestoga wagon from the banks of the Mississippi to California’s Pacific shores, in the face of great odds. Their heart-warming (and sometimes heartbreaking) sagas tell the tale of how the American West was truly won, by hard-working and determined people driven by the promise of freedom and prosperity, and by those who saw them through the harshest of landscapes to the golden land that beckoned them.

Joining the cast each week were some of Hollywood’s brightest stars in guest roles, including William Bendix (Around the Horn), Chill Wills (The Beje Wilcox Story), Jane Wyman (The Doctor Willoughby Story), James Coburn (The Millie Davis Story), Slim Pickens (The Tent City Story), Anne Baxter (The Kitty Angel Story), Better Davis and Robert Fuller (The Ella Lindstrom Story), and many, many more!

This 10-DVD collector’s edition of Wagon Train – The Complete Season Two, including all 38 episodes, is sure to please both fans of the original broadcast, and newcomers who are seeing if for the first time. As Major Adams says as he leads his charges westward and they roll their Conestoga wagons out onto the prairie, “WAGONS, HO!”

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