Crimebusters + Crossed Wires: Stories From This American Life

Released: November 11, 2003 • Available in US
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Ira Glass, host of This American Life, was named "America's Best Radio Host" by Time magazine in 2001. Glass began This American Life in 1995. He has developed a distinctive style of reporting and producing, creating stories that were intimate, funny and surprising. Crimebusters (Disc One) features the tales of crimefighters and investigators of all sorts. From a bungling, squirrel-chasing cop who tears apart a new house in pursuit of the rogue rodent to Glass' day spent with a private investigator trailing a cheating wife, these stories will have you shaking your head and gripping the edge of your seat. Crossed Wires (Disc Two) chronicles real-life adventures in miscommunication. From a man who decides to use the tools of modern brand marketing to market himself to his wife to a father who bugs his own teenager's telephone, these stories shed light on the bizarre ways in which we try to understand each other. Each story contains music as underscore by some of the country's brightest independent artists, including John Lurie and The Mekons.

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Disc Track Track Name
1 1 Squirrel Cop
1 2 Loser
1 3 Flight vs. Invisibility
1 4 Watching the Detective
1 5 The Greatest Phone Message of All Time
2 1 Jesus Shaves
2 2 Say it to Me in Guy Language
2 3 When the Wall Came Tumbling Down
2 4 Everyone Speaks Elton John
2 5 Music Lessons
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