Daughters Of Satan (SOLD OUT)

Released: April 24, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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Scream Factory
Product Note: As of July 6, 2022, this title is OUT-OF-PRINT.


Tom Selleck Stars In A Bewitching Occult Thriller!

Be careful what you witch for with this spellbinding thriller that delves into the realms of ancient covens and the conquistadors who loathe them. Tom Selleck delivers a commanding performance as James Robertson, an antique dealer living in Manila. James buys a Spanish painting dating back to 1592 from an art gallery ... because the painting depicts three witches being burned at the stake and one of the witches has an uncanny resemblance to James' wife, Chris. But the similarity turns out to be much more than a coincidence when Chris becomes possessed by the spirit of her evil doppelganger. She soon meets two local women who resemble the other two witches from the painting. The three decide to murder James, as he may be a descendant of the conquistador responsible for the burning of the original coven.


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Daughters Of Satan

Tom Selleck Actor
Barra Grant Actor
Tani Guthrie Actor
Paraluman Actor
Vic Silayan Actor
Vic Diaz Actor
Aubrey Schenck Producer
Hollingsworth Morse Director
John C. Higgins Writer
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