Freaks And Geeks: The Complete Series [Deluxe Yearbook Edition] (SOLD OUT)

Released: November 25, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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Life sucks and then you graduate.

Set in 1980 at the fictional McKinley High in Detroit, Freaks And Geeks focused on two groups of outsiders: the stoners, tough kids and bad girls, and the brains, nerds and squares. The program quickly became legendary as a smart, funny and authentic testimonial to the (few) highs and (many more) horrors of high school for the kids who don't fit in.


* All the episodes and extras of the phenomenal The Complete Series 6-DVD set

* 2 bonus DVDs with six hours of additional extras

* An 80-page yearbook packed with essays, rare photos and memorabilia

"An obsessive labor of love." - New York Times

"It's one of the most insanely complete TV artifacts ever." - Time Magazine

Bonus Features

  • 29 Commentaries From Show Producers, Studio Executives, Cast Members, Crew And Fans
  • Over Two Hours Of New Show Material Including Audition Footage And Deleted Scenes From Every Episode
  • Outtakes, Bloopers And Alternate Takes From Every Episode
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Original Show Promotional Footage
  • Museum Of Television & Radio Panel Discussion
  • Complete Script For A Never-Shot Episode
  • Three Full-Episode Table Reads
  • Mr. Rosso Live In Concert
  • Sober Students Improv Players
  • Tales Of The Secret Service
  • Photo Galleries
  • Seven Minutes In Heaven
  • Graduation
  • Thanks, Goodbye

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Episode Episode Title
1 Freaks And Geeks: Pilot
2 Freaks And Geeks: Beers And Weirs
3 Freaks And Geeks: Tricks And Treats
4 Freaks And Geeks: Kim Kelly Is My Friend
5 Freaks And Geeks: Tests And Breasts
6 Freaks And Geeks: I'm With The Band
7 Freaks And Geeks: Carded And Discarded
8 Freaks And Geeks: Girlfriends And Boyfriends
9 Freaks And Geeks: We've Got Spirit
10 Freaks And Geeks: The Diary
11 Freaks And Geeks: Looks And Books
12 Freaks And Geeks: The Garage Door
13 Freaks And Geeks: Chokin' And Tokin'
14 Freaks And Geeks: Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers
15 Freaks And Geeks: Noshing And Moshing
16 Freaks And Geeks: Smooching And Mooching
17 Freaks And Geeks: The Little Things
18 Freaks And Geeks: Discos And Dragons
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Freaks And Geeks: The Complete Series [Deluxe Yearbook Edition]

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