Kojak: Season Two

Released: September 27, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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Telly Savalas returns as the lollipop-packing dapper detective Theo Kojak in another unforgettable season of the renowned mystery series.

Season Two features Lieutenant Kojak laying down the law in homicide cases involving organized crime, terrorists, drug traffickers, a serial bomber and a killer multimillion-dollar thief in an investigation that sends Kojak undercover as a Greek millionaire. Whether he's utilizing his irresistible charm or bending the rules to catch a murderer, you can always bet that Kojak will close the case


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Episode Episode Title
1 Kojak: The Chinatown Murders, Part 1
2 Kojak: The Chinatown Murders, Part 2
3 Kojak: Hush Now, Don't You Die
4 Kojak: A Very Deadly Game
5 Kojak: Wall Street Gunslinger
6 Kojak: Slay Ride
7 Kojak: Nursemaid
8 Kojak: You Can't Tell A Hurt Man How To Holler
9 Kojak: The Best Judge Money Can Buy
10 Kojak: Souvenir From Atlantic City
11 Kojak: A Killing In The Second House
12 Kojak: The Best War In Town
13 Kojak: Cross Your Heart And Hope To Die
14 Kojak: The Betrayal
15 Kojak: Loser Takes All
16 Kojak: Close Cover Before Killing
17 Kojak: Acts Of Desperate Men
18 Kojak: Queen Of The Gypsies
19 Kojak: Night Of The Piraeus
20 Kojak: Elegy In An Asphalt Graveyard
21 Kojak: The Goodluck Bomber
22 Kojak: Unwanted Partners
23 Kojak: Two-Four-Six For Two Hundred
24 Kojak: The Trade-Off
25 Kojak: I Want To Report A Dream
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Kojak: Season Two

Dan Frazer Actor
George Savalas Actor
Kevin Dobson Actor
Mark Russell Actor
Telly Savalas Actor
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