Millennium Actress [Limited Edition Steelbook] + Exclusive Poster

Released: March 22, 2022 • Available in US & Canada
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Satoshi Kon's masterful follow-up to Perfect Blue traces the career of a legendary actress, Chiyoko Fujiwara, as seen through the eyes of documentary filmmakers. Though Chiyoko has withdrawn into retirement, filmmaker Genya Tachibana receives the rare opportunity to interview her about her life. When he gives the actress a token from her past, Tachibana and his cameraman Ida are thrust into Chiyoko's memories, reliving the key moments of her life and uncovering the truth behind her fabled career. This timeless tale of passion bends reality and delivers emotion in a way only Satoshi Kon could.

Bonus Features

  • Exclusive 16-Page Booklet And Director's Interview
  • Interviews With The Producers And Voice Talent

Product Information

Millennium Actress

Miyoko Shôji Chiyoko Fujiwara (70's)
Shôzô Îzuka Genya Tachibana
Mami Koyama Chiyoko Fujiwara (20-40's)
Fumiko Orikasa Chiyoko Fujiwara (10-20's)
Shouko Tsuda Eiko Shimao
Hirotaka Suzuoki Junichi Ootaki
Hisako Kyôda Mother
Kan Tokumaru Senior Manager of Ginei
Tomie Kataoka Mino
Takkô Ishimori Head Clerk
Satoshi Kon Director
Satoshi Kon Writer
Sadayuki Murai Writer
Satoshi Kon Writer
Tarô Maki Producer

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