MST3K: Girl In Gold Boots

Released: March 20, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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In this timeless tale of exploitation, competition, drugs and raw talent-flavored substitute, a young woman’s quest to make it as a professional go-go dancer reveals a devastatingly mediocre portrait of Hollywood’s low-budget underbelly.

Thankfully, those schlock ’n’ roll stars aboard the Satellite of Love are here to avenge our boredom and riff our pain away. Comedy snipers Mike Nelson and his robot sidekicks Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot put Girl In Gold Boots in their crosshairs and take it down. May a statue be dedicated one day to their heroism!


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MST3K: Girl In Gold Boots

Arthur A. Names Writer
Bara Byrnes Actor
Jody Daniels Actor
John T. Wilson Writer
Leighton J. Peatman Writer
Leslie McRay Actor
Mark Herron Actor
Ted V. Mikels Director
Ted V. Mikels Producer
Tom Pace Actor
Victor Izay Actor
William Bagdad Actor
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