Stoney Burke: The Complete Television Series

Released: April 16, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Before Hawaii 5-O, Jack Lord was Stoney Burke, a professional rodeo rider after one thing: the Golden Buckle, symbolizing the World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider. Along the way, Stoney encounters a lot of dangerous characters and bad situations, but always seems to lasso his way out of trouble.

Joining Stoney on his Journey is Ves Painter (Warren Oates), E.J. Stoker (Bruce Dern) and two time “World All-Around Rodeo Champion", Casey Tibs.

Strap-on your saddle and join Stoney Burke in his quest to get the Golden Buckle!

Product Information

Stoney Burke

Jack Lord Stoney Burke
Warren Oates Ves Painter
Robert Dowdell Cody Bristol
Bill Hart Red, Lorenzo 'Red' Smith
Bruce Dern E.J. Stocker
George Mitchell Cal Bristol
Casey Tibbs Rodeo Judge, Self
Buck Taylor Joey Kilgore, Mule, Young Racer
Joe Maross Vince Patterson, Whitey Kilgore
Ted de Corsia Burlington, Sheriff Bixton
Leslie Stevens Director
Tom Gries Director
Laslo Benedek Director
Leonard J. Horn Director
Robert Butler Director
John Erman Director
William A. Graham Director
Leslie Stevens Writer
Bob Barbash Writer
Philip Saltzman Writer
S.S. Schweitzer Writer
Meyer Dolinsky Writer
Milton Geiger Writer
Palmer Thompson Writer
Ed Adamson Writer
John Falvo Writer
Richard Levinson Writer
William Link Writer
Stephen Lord Writer
Frank L. Moss Writer
Donn Mullally Writer
Peter Packer Writer
Barry Trivers Writer
Leslie Stevens Producer
Dominic Frontiere Producer
Bob Barbash Producer
John Erman Producer
John Elizalde Producer
Ron Silverman Producer
Ralph Riskin Producer
Allan Balter Producer
Jack Poplin Producer

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