The Loner: The Complete Series [Collector's Edition]

Released: June 14, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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A Powerful Western Series From Rod Serling, Creator Of The Twilight Zone!

"In the aftermath of the bloodletting called the Civil War, thousands of ruthless, restless, searching men travelled west. Such a man is William Colton."

Lloyd Bridges (Sea Hunt, Airplane!) stars as Colton, a former Union cavalry captain who rides the American West in search of himself. His journey finds him crossing paths with a range of men and women emblematic of the best — and worst — in humanity. Introspective and emotionally complex, The Loner stood apart from the typical "white hat/black hat" Western entertainment of its day, bolstered by Bridges' nuanced performance and Serling's steady hand at the reins.

Running for only 26 episodes in the 1965-66 television season, The Loner nevertheless remains a series highly regarded among Western fans for its mature tone and thematically intriguing scripts, many written by Serling himself.

Bonus Features

  •  The Wandering Man's Burden: Making The Loner

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Episode Episode Title
1 The Loner: An Echo Of Bugles
2 The Loner: The Vespers
3 The Loner: The Lonely Calico Queen
4 The Loner: The Kingdom Of McComb
5 The Loner: One Of The Wounded
6 The Loner: The Flight Of The Arctic Tern
7 The Loner: Widow On The Evening Stage
8 The Loner: The House Rules At Mrs. Wayne's
9 The Loner: The Sheriff Of Fetterman's Crossing
10 The Loner: The Homecoming Of Lemuel Stove
11 The Loner: Westward, The Shoemaker
12 The Loner: The Oath
13 The Loner: Hunt The Man Down
14 The Loner: Escort For A Dead Man
15 The Loner: The Ordeal Of Bud Windom
16 The Loner: To The West Of Eden
17 The Loner: Mantrap
18 The Loner: A Little Stroll To The End Of The Line
19 The Loner: The Trial In Paradise
20 The Loner: A Question Of Guilt
21 The Loner: The Mourners For Johnny Sharp, Part 1
22 The Loner: The Mourners For Johnny Sharp, Part 2
23 The Loner: Incident In The Middle Of Nowhere
24 The Loner: Pick Me Another Time To Die
25 The Loner: The Burden Of The Badge
26 The Loner: To Hang A Dead Man
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The Loner: The Complete Series [Collector's Edition]

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