Thunderbirds: The Complete Series

Released: June 9, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Thunderbirds ARE GO!

The SUPERMARIONATION cult television classic leaps into the stratosphere of fun and excitement with Thunderbirds: The Complete Series! Operating from a top-secret island base in the year 2065, the team at International Rescue- intrepid Jeff Tracy and his valiant sons Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon, and Alan- engage in a never-ending humanitarian crusade to protect the innocent. Traveling via land, sea, air, and space in their fantastically advanced vehicles, the Tracys take on the most impossible of missions with courage, honor… and their greatest strength of all: the power of family.

The crown jewel of Gerry Anderson's visionary creative oeuvre, Thunderbirds promises audiences both young and young-at-heart an outstanding showcase of thrills, action, and adventure-with no strings attached (okay, maybe some strings.)

Blast off with the team at International Rescue in 5…4…3…2…1...


Bonus Features

  • Launching Thunderbirds Documentary
  • Printable Thunderbirds Publicity Brochure (PDF On Disc 8)

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Episode Episode Title
1 Thunderbirds: Trapped In The Sky
2 Thunderbirds: Pit Of Peril
3 Thunderbirds: The Perils Of Penelope
4 Thunderbirds: Terror In New York City
5 Thunderbirds: Edge Of Impact
6 Thunderbirds: Day Of Disaster
7 Thunderbirds: 30 Minutes After Noon
8 Thunderbirds: Desperate Intruder
9 Thunderbirds: End Of The Road
10 Thunderbirds: The Uninvited
11 Thunderbirds: Sun Probe
12 Thunderbirds: Operation Crash-Dive
13 Thunderbirds: Vault Of Death
14 Thunderbirds: The Mighty Atom
15 Thunderbirds: City Of Fire
16 Thunderbirds: The Impostors
17 Thunderbirds: The Man From MI.5
18 Thunderbirds: Cry Wolf
19 Thunderbirds: Danger At Ocean Deep
20 Thunderbirds: Move - And You're Dead
21 Thunderbirds: The Duchess Assignment
22 Thunderbirds: Brink Of Disaster
23 Thunderbirds: Attack Of The Alligators!
24 Thunderbirds: Martian Invasion
25 Thunderbirds: The Cham-Cham
26 Thunderbirds: Security Hazard
27 Thunderbirds: Atlantic Inferno
28 Thunderbirds: Path Of Destruction
29 Thunderbirds: Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
30 Thunderbirds: Lord Parker's 'Oliday
31 Thunderbirds: Ricochet
32 Thunderbirds: Give Or Take A Million
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Thunderbirds: The Complete Series

Christine Finn Actor
David Graham Actor
David Holliday Actor
Matt Zimmerman Actor
Peter Dyneley Actor
Ray Barrett Actor
Shane Rimmer Actor
Sylvia Anderson Actor
Gerry Anderson Producer
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