Northern Exposure: The Complete Series

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Return to one of television's quirkiest and most beloved towns with Northern Exposure: The Complete Series! When New York doctor Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow) takes on a residency in Anchorage, he's sure that he's in for a cushy, comfortable gig. But upon his arrival in Alaska, Joel finds that he's a fish out of water when he's instead assigned to a tiny village where the eccentric townspeople first befuddle – then eventually charm – him.

Receiving 39 Emmy nominations over the course of its six-season, 110-episode run from 1990 to 1995, Northern Exposure is a celebrated mix of offbeat humor and heartfelt storytelling with a fantastic ensemble cast, including Barry Corbin, Janine Turner, John Corbett, John Cullum, Cynthia Geary, Darren E. Burrows, Peg Phillips, and Elaine Miles.

Note: Music may differ from Original Broadcast Version.

Bonus Features for DVD

  • Season 1: Deleted Scenes And Unexposed Footage
  • Season 2: Deleted Scenes And Unexposed Footage
  • Season 3: Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes, Unexposed Footage And Lost Storylines
  • Season 4: Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes, Gag Reels And Promos
  • Season 5: Deleted Scenes
  • Season 6: Deleted Scenes

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Cast & Crew

Rob MorrowDr. Joel Fleischman
Janine TurnerMaggie O'Connell
Barry CorbinMaurice J. Minnifield
John CullumHolling Vincoeur
Darren E. BurrowsEd Chigliak
John CorbettChris Stevens
Cynthia GearyShelly Marie Tambo
Elaine MilesMarilyn Whirlwind
Peg PhillipsRuth-Anne Miller
William J. WhiteDave the Cook
Michael FrescoDirector
Nick MarckDirector
Rob ThompsonDirector
Michael KatlemanDirector
Michael VittesDirector
Jim CharlestonDirector
James HaymanDirector
Bill D'EliaDirector
Daniel AttiasDirector
Michael LangeDirector
David CarsonDirector
Sandy SmolanDirector
Dean ParisotDirector
Stephen CraggDirector
Peter O'FallonDirector
Steven RobmanDirector
Patrick McKeeDirector
Oz ScottDirector
Lorraine SennaDirector
Joshua BrandDirector
Dan LernerDirector
Max TashDirector
Jack BenderDirector
Stuart MargolinDirector
Miles WatkinsDirector
Charles BravermanDirector
Randall MillerDirector
Tom MooreDirector
Matt NodellaDirector
Lee Shallat ChemelDirector
Joan TewkesburyDirector
Adam ArkinDirector
John David ColesDirector
Mark HorowitzDirector
Joe NapolitanoDirector
Win PhelpsDirector
Frank PrinziDirector
Victor LoblDirector
Thomas R. MooreDirector
Janet GreekDirector
Scott PaulinDirector
Joshua BrandCreator
John FalseyCreator
Diane FrolovWriter
Robin GreenWriter
Andrew SchneiderWriter
Mitchell BurgessWriter
Jeff MelvoinWriter
David AssaelWriter
Sam EganWriter
Jeff VlamingWriter
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Patrick Sean ClarkWriter
Karen HallWriter
Jessica KleinWriter
Charles RosinWriter
Jerry StahlWriter
Steve WassermanWriter
Sybil AdelmanWriter
Dennis KoenigWriter
Martin SageWriter
Craig VolkWriter
Kate BoutilierWriter
Mark B. PerryWriter
Robert RabinowitzWriter
Sy RosenWriter
Christian WilliamsWriter
Denise DobbsWriter
Rogers TurrentineWriter
David ChaseWriter
Jed SeidelWriter
Meredith StiehmWriter
Jordan BuddeWriter
Holling C. HollingWriter
Jack LondonWriter
Martin BruestleCo-producer
Martin BruestleAssociate Producer
Cheryl BlochSupervising Producer
Cheryl BlochConsulting Producer
Cheryl BlochProducer
Cheryl BlochCo-producer
Diane FrolovSupervising Producer
Diane FrolovExecutive Producer
Andrew SchneiderCo-executive Producer
Andrew SchneiderExecutive Producer
Robin GreenSupervising Producer
Robin GreenCo-executive Producer
Robin GreenCo-producer
Jeff MelvoinSupervising Producer
Jeff MelvoinCo-executive Producer
Joe LazarovAssociate Producer
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Michael VittesSupervising Producer
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John FalseyExecutive Producer
John VreekeAssociate Producer
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Rob ThompsonCo-producer
Rob ThompsonProducer
David ChaseExecutive Producer
Michael FrescoSupervising Producer
Michael FrescoCo-executive Producer
Matt NodellaProducer
Matt NodellaCoordinating Producer
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