We’re highlighting hilarious, witty, and wonderful women all month long on Shout! Factory TV and The Carol Burnett Show Channel with The Carol Burnett Show episodes that star some of our very favorite guests. Women’s History Month is the perfect time to laugh along with the groundbreaking variety sketch show!

Carol Burnett may not have set out to make history, but back in 1967, she was lucky enough to be one of the first women in television to host her own comedy variety show. In the eleven years that followed, The Carol Burnett Show welcomed historic women on camera and behind the scenes. The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning sketch show featured women front and center, demonstrating how wildly funny the women making up the cast and myriad female guest stars could be and giving women a voice in the writer’s room.

Carol brought on women that she admired from all areas of entertainment, like her mentor and friend Lucille Ball, EGOT recipient Rita Moreno, and Tony-winner Diahann Carroll, and provided a space for them to shine. Several classic film stars reached out about how much they enjoyed Carol’s film spoofs and went on to guest on the show! Betty Grable, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, and Gloria Swanson are just a few of the leading ladies who joined in on the fun of The Carol Burnett Show.

Sketches lampooned the portrayals of women at the time, and allowed for Carol and friends to be quirky, brash, and center stage. The writer’s room included women, rare for the time, in teams alongside the men. Classic sketches such as Went With The Wind, The Family, and As The Stomach Turns were all cowritten by teams of one woman and one man, defying the widely held belief in the industry that women in the writer’s room would inhibit comedy.

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