Time is a strange, flat circle; from the revival of swing dancing to the resurgence of vinyl, history has proven that mainstream trends move in unpredictable ways. And as the pendulum of fashion swings back in the direction of cargo pants and bucket hats, there’s no denying that Y2K is back in a very major way. But retro nostalgia isn’t exclusive to the world of fashion: your friends over at Scream Factory wanted to commemorate this very special Valentine’s Day with our Love Is In The Scare sale, one that celebrates a formative time that helped shape the landscape of entertainment as we know it today: the beloved 2000s.

Setting the tone for a new millennium, the aughts produced many exciting horror movies that are fond reflections of their time. By translating the fear and anxiety of contemporary life, the decade perfected formulas that still exist in the parlance of movies and TV today. This year, we’ve hand-picked a delectable roster to sink your teeth into. Here’s a highlight of some best-sellers, along with reasons why we think you’ll love them!

House Of Wax

If the 2000s had a Mount Rushmore, we’d see Chad Michael Murray’s face carved in stone four times. Starring alongside Elisha Cuthbert, Robert Ri’chard, Jared Padalecki, and Paris freaking Hilton, the teen-mag heartthrob leads this ensemble of aughts royalty in Jaume Collet-Serra’s directorial debut and remake of the 1953 classic. As a benchmark artifact of reboot culture, House Of Wax’s plot renders originality as a cold, dead statue posed in the cavernous mausoleum of time. That doesn’t stop fans from sidling up to a bucket of popcorn on a Friday night and indulging in this wonderfully nostalgic slasher flick with impressive set design and thrilling set pieces.

The [REC] Collection

Our first brush with this terrifying Spanish trilogy picked up where The Blair Witch Project left off 8 years prior and helped re-establish the subgenre we all know as found footage. Bringing handheld, guerilla-style filmmaking to a narrative storyline, [REC] is a hellish vision of a demonic zombie outbreak told through the firsthand accounts of everyday people trapped in a high-rise complex. Though they eventually ditch the found footage format, its two sequels delve further into the lore behind this heart-pounding foreign language saga.

The Strangers

Bryan Bertino’s slow-creeping home invasion thriller buries itself under the skin by reveling in horror that lurks in the shadows beyond your periphery. The film unfolds in one terrifying night at a remote vacation home as a young couple, played by Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler, are stalked and terrorized by masked intruders. This unrelenting classic taps into a primordial fear that stays with us long after the credits have rolled. Since 2008, The Strangers has spawned a large cult following and a subsequent franchise.

Trick ‘R Treat

The aughts may not have been a high point in fashion choices, but at least they rediscovered what was cool about horror anthologies. In the spirit of Creepshow and Deadtime Stories, Trick ‘R Treat illustrates several interwoven storylines converging on Halloween night in a sleepy midwest town. The anthology plot structure finds a crafty way to explore a gamut of tales in this newfound holiday tradition that demands revisiting every October.

Silent Hill

Entertainment might only now be finding its stride with video game adaptations, but Silent Hill takes us back to a time when it was still quite a bold gamble, bordering on taboo. French auteur Christophe Gans translates Konami’s prestige saga as a gothic horror movie that was mostly panned by critics, though has since become a belatedly cherished adaptation. Despite some shoddy CGI as a byproduct of its time, Silent Hill remains an effective horror movie that captures the hazy, dreamlike atmosphere of its spine-tingling predecessor.

Drag Me To Hell

You can’t talk about supernatural horror without mentioning Sam Raimi, and his demented love letter to the genre proves that time-tested formulas will never die. Drag Me To Hell is a white-knuckled injection of old school terror that grounds itself in a bedrock of moral integrity. This deliciously twisted cautionary tale follows an ambitious loan officer, played by Alison Lohman, as she’s cursed by an old woman with mystic powers for denying a bank loan. Considered one of his finest, Raimi’s 2009 staple is an all-gas, no brakes thrill ride on a one-way ticket to hell!

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