Streets Of Fire <Collector's Edition>
Streets of Fire

As fans of film ourselves, we here at Shout! Factory work to present our titles in the most enjoyable and thoughtful manner. This means that for certain titles, Shout! Factory will release a special Collector’s Edition 4K UHD, Blu-ray, or DVD.

Shout! Factory Collector’s Editions include carefully chosen bonus features; collectible packaging like slipcovers, posters; and of course, the best possible resolution for the film or TV show included. Shout! Factory always indicates which bonus features are brand-new, meaning they won’t be found anywhere besides the Collector’s Edition you’re looking at buying. Shout! Factory has created many new features for these Collector’s Editions, like “The Sliding Doors Moments – A Feature-Length Documentary Looking Back At The Making Of The Film; Including Exclusive Home Movie Footage And Brand-New Interviews With Peter Howitt, Stars Gwyneth Paltrow And John Hannah, And More” for the Shout Select Sliding Doors Collector’s Edition, or “A Movie That Lives Up To Its Title – An Interview With Editor Patrick Lussier” for Wes Craven’s controversy-plagued Cursed.

Because the included extras are so thorough, even someone who has seen the film a thousand times before would have a good reason to buy the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray. New insights can come up in freshly recorded interviews and commentaries that can provide a new perspective on a film that you thought you knew everything about.

Like with our SteelBook releases, Shout! Factory works to commission new and exciting art for the Collector’s Editions. These releases come with a slipcover for the first 3 months following their release. Slipcovers become a coveted collector’s items among people who want all their films to match on their shelves. But since we know fans also love the artwork they’ve grown familiar with for their favorite releases, our Collector’s Editions often have reversible art inserts that can be flipped from the new artwork to the original theatrical artwork.

Head over to and see if your favorite movies have been given the Collector’s Edition treatment!

Maurice Molyneaux