Warning: these videos contain very NSFW moments!


Apparently people fainted in the theater during Bite's premiere, which isn't too surprising: it's about a girl who gets bitten by a strange insect and starts grotesquely turning into a giant bug herself, and the movie keeps trying to top its own grossness throughout its runtime.

Altered States

Out of context, this scene is absolutely insane. Hell, within the context of the movie it's insane, too. But I'll just let you watch the video and decide for yourself what you're seeing.


You know those dreams where your teeth fall out? And then get replaced by sharp demon teeth? And also the rest of you has totally turned into a demon as well? No?? Must just be the dreams I have after watching Demons.

From Beyond

We put this lighthearted romp based on H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale out on Blu-ray, and frankly I'm not sure why Newsweek called it "a grisly amalgam of sex, shock and satire." Seems like family friendly fun, albeit with weird antennas poking out of foreheads.

The Howling

There's a handful of brilliant werewolf transformation scenes out there, and this clip from The Howling is one of them. Rather than accentuating the physical pain inflicted by the process, The Howling's werewolf is creepily calm and quiet throughout his intense transition.


Ugh. Oh God, gross. So gross. Wait, maybe this part is... OH #$%@ING GROSS!! THIS WHOLE SCENE IS HORRIFICALLY DISGUSTING!! And for these reasons, I think you'll very much enjoy this clip from Society.

The Beast Within

Much like the Demons clip above, this transformation involves a large, floppy, slobbery, supremely nasty tongue. Shoot him indeed.

Cat People

"Are you a dog person or a cat person?"

"Cat person, definitely."

"Oh, so you have a pet cat then?"

"No, at night my heat splits open and a panther leaps out."

*Slowly puts down drink and backs away...* (LINK)

An American Werewolf In London

As great as the werewolf transformation is in The Howling, this is the gold standard. It's so good that the rest of An American Werewolf In London could have been unremarkable and we'd still be talking about it, but in fact it is quite remarkably good as a whole.

The Fly

Is Brundlefly the ultimate long-form transformation in movie history? Quite possibly. Jeff Goldblum plays a nerdy scientist in this landmark role that would pave the way for him to star in Jurassic Park as a nerdy scientist and Independence Day as, um, a nerdy scientist. The Fly revels in the joys of slowly turning into a fly, including puking on donuts and puking on people's legs.
Maurice Molyneaux