This just in: Sony is open to "sharing" Spider-Man! Of course, as of now they're only sharing him with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which makes perfect sense. But what if this means they'd be willing to loan the character out to other, non-Marvel companies? Here are a few ways we'd like to use the wisecracking webslinger in our releases.

1. Freaks And Geeks

Spider-Man would definitely qualify as a freak, but Peter Parker would obviously be a geek. Talk about a double life, he'd really need superpowers to pull that off!

2. Mister Ed

We'd have to re-release the Complete Series DVD set of course (of course), but it would be totally worth it to see Spidey take on his new nemesis, Mister Dread.

3. Mystery Science Theater 3000

Hey, Spider-Man is totally witty enough to hold his own with Joel, Mike and the bots! But his flying silhouette would be super-distracting.

Where would you like to see a Spider-Man cameo? Let us know in the comments!

Maurice Molyneaux