If you're at all surprised that a goofy-looking British guy who says almost nothing, only cares about getting what he wants and is best friends with a stuffed animal is an international superstar raking in billions of dollars worldwide, you don't know Bean!

While the numbers should be proof enough, here are seven reasons why it only makes sense that Mr. Bean is one of the most beloved curmudgeons on Earth.

1. He Knows No Barriers for Language, Culture or Age

You know what age can enjoy watching someone pull four of their own teeth out? All of them.

You know what culture can appreciate accidentally exploding a full air sickness bag onto a child? All of them.

You know what language you need to speak to think it's funny when someone gets an enormous turkey stuck on their head? Any of—well, you get it.

2. He Rolls With the Punches and Finds Brilliant Solutions to Problems

After going through all the effort of being first in line for a New Year's sale by planting a dummy in a sleeping bag, do you really think Bean is gonna let a little setback like accidentally tying his car doors shut keep him from getting his newfound prizes home? Of course not!

Instead he rigs up the most brilliant rooftop driving contraptions ever and makes his way back to his apartment like it's no big deal. Mr. Bean is like the poster child for positive thinking!

3. He's an Early Example of the Anti-Hero

These days we're used to watching characters like Tony Soprano, Walter White and the gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia be terrible people to awesome/hilarious results, but that's a relatively recent development in TV. While Mr. Bean wasn't exactly a criminal—though the legality of some of his actions is a tad sketchy—he was often a jerk who only cared about getting what he wanted (especially if it involved antagonizing any owner of a certain blue, three-wheeled car).

In 1990 we were accustomed to watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and ALF, while Mr. Bean started blazing trails for the TV a-holes of the future.

4. He Doesn't Put Up With the Same Old Crap the Rest of Us Do

Call him impatient, but Mr. Bean knows his time is precious and he just can't waste it on things like pleasing others or waiting his turn or dealing with annoying people. All the more impressive is that he somehow manages to say what we're all thinking without actually saying anything at all. It's the epitome of actions speaking louder than words.

5. He Puts Himself Out There and Tries New Things

Yes, some things that cause Mr. Bean extreme anxiety are really not such a big deal for most of us, but you gotta give him credit for putting himself in situations where he's clearly going to be uncomfortable just by nature of his being an unabashed, self-conscious misanthrope. Most people with even the smallest streak of agoraphobia won't willingly sign up for classes where they know they'll be around a bunch of strangers.

6. Rowan Atkinson is a Master of Comedic Timing

Let's give credit where credit is due for Rowan Atkinson's formidable comedic skills—we all know timing is everything when it comes to comedy, but he takes physical comedy to a whole new level with his mastery of the art. We could just watch him make facial expressions all day long.

7. His Best Friend is a Teddy Bear, and He Really Doesn't Care What You Think About That

'Nuff said.

Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean is remastered and available on DVD 3/24/15

Maurice Molyneaux