DrinkTV, in conjunction with Shout! Studios and Dr. God, is announcing a new show airing exclusively on the streaming platform. Hell Den is an animated series that mixes original animation and re-dubbed cartoons in a deliciously warped and hilarious brew of social satire, musical parody, and good ol’ fashioned absurdist humor. Hell Den is a new take on old cartoons with commentary by an odd group of world-obliterating drinking buddies, one 12 year old kid, and fun guest voices. Take a shot of Robot Chicken, add a splash of Beavis and Butthead, and finish it off with a healthy pour of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and you’ve got Hell Den.

The six episode-series takes place after an Uber-Apocalypse wipes out civilization where one kid miraculously survives: 12 year-old Andrew. His house still has electricity, a working television, a VCR, and his deceased parent’s fully stocked bar which draws a few curious apocalypse-creators to his door. There's Kenneth, the moody Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse; BET-C, a sympathetic but volatile mutant cyborg; Fleek, a sleazy alcoholic alien; and Giantic, a ponderous giant. Together, they break into the liquor cabinet and join Andrew to watch twisted cartoons... because destroying the world is hard work.

Dr. God’s Neil Garguilo says, “Hell Den is a project that we’ve all been dying to make for years. As animation fans, we’ve always wanted to use our improv skills to reimagine classic cartoons. It’s something we would do in our homes or at comedy festivals late at night just to make each other laugh. Now we get to make other people laugh at our late night psychosis on DrinkTV...which makes us very happy.”

Shout! Studios’ Jordan Fields adds: “With Hell Den Dr. God has earned its place in the NSFW comedy constellation, and we’re grateful that Drink TV not only appreciated their unhinged humor but invited it.”

Garguilo adds: “When making a sketch comedy series with your best friends, you expect to have fun. What you don’t expect is to have a group of experienced creative DrinkTV executives who can handle their liquor like 1940s Hollywood movie tycoons.”

“Not much goes together better than a few drinks and a few laughs with friends. We're big fans of Dr. God's uniquely twisted brand of comedy, and we're excited to premiere Hell Den on DrinkTV,” says Chris Burke, Co-Founder, DrinkTV. “As soon as we watched the concept trailer we were excited to commission a series. As fans, we really wanted to see where they'd go with it, and they did not disappoint! As the go-to streaming destination for drinks-themed content, we just didn't think DrinkTV's programming lineup would be complete without a post-apocalyptic dystopian animated series featuring aliens and robots enjoying martinis and watching old cartoons. Thankfully, Dr. God and Shout! Studios have helped us check that box with style.”

Hell Den is produced by Shout! Studios, Dr. God Productions, and Rafael Raffaele Entertainment. The show is created, written, and directed by Dr. God with showrunner Neil Garguilo.

Executive producers include Sean Cowhig, Neil Garguilo, Brian James O'Connell, David Park, Justin Ware, Richard Foos, Garson Foos, Bob Emmer, and Jordan Fields.

Original Animation by Matt Kiel.

Notable guest stars include: Derek Mears (Swamp Thing / Friday The 13th), Brett Davern (Awkward. / The Brett Davern Show), Mo Collins (Fear The Walking Dead / F is for Family), and Emma Fitzpatrick (Significant Mother / The Social Network).

Hell Den will air on DrinkTV exclusively which is available on DrinkTV.com, Roku, AppleTV, iOS and Android devices. For $2.99/month or $29.99/year, subscribers will have access to this exclusive content and various programming celebrating all the best in drinks culture, including brand new projects.