Scream Factory has teamed up with Fangoria to bring you the limited-edition FANGORIA Presents: SCREAM FACTORY issue! This complete A-Z essay compendium spotlights every classic and cult horror film currently offered by Scream Factory and can be ordered here (issue no longer available).

The magazine features all the great content listed below, plus fantastic artwork and photos on glossy paper stock.

The Men Who Run The "Factory"

An interview with Cliff MacMillan and Jeff Nelson.

Making Screams Come True

How Scream Factory goes about putting together a perfectly petrifying package for all your favorite horror films.

Hooked By Its Cover

An interview with Scream Factory artist Nathan Thomas Milliner, creator of exclusive Scream Factory cover art for Halloween, Day Of The Dead, Motel Hell and more.

No "Sleep" Till Perfection

A step-by-step look at how the Sleepaway Camp art was created.

Red Shirt and Die

Michael Felsher's Red Shirt Pictures tells you everything you want to know about the movies but are afraid to ask in the Scream Factory bonus features.

A Walk Through "Horror's Hallowed Grounds"

Sean Clark, the "Indiana Jones of terror," talks about his horror featurettes.

Leicht In The Darkness

An interview with Aine Leicht, creator of many behind-the-scenes documentaries for Scream Factory releases.

Scream Factory A-Z

Reviews of every film Scream Factory has released through 2014, over 100 titles!

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