We're very excited about the launch of Shout! Factory TV, and one of the big reasons for that excitement is Mystery Science Theater 3000. Our new free streaming channel will carry a bunch of MST3K content with more added monthly. Here's everything you need to know to get your Satellite of Love fix:

What to Watch

  • Right now, you can watch high-quality streams of 32 MST3K episodes.
  • There are currently six titles exclusive to Shout! Factory TV. More exclusive content will be added every month. The exclusive episodes are:

The Beast of Yucca Flats Blood Waters of Dr. Z Bride of the Monster The Brute Man The Castle of Fu Machu Code Name: Diamond Head

How to Watch

  • You can watch on your computer's web browser, on your mobile or tablet, or on a Roku device. Support for more devices will be added soon.
  • No word on whether interocitors will ever be supported, but they do make good hot chocolate.

Where to Watch

Why to Watch

  • Free, high-quality episodes.
  • A rush of glorious nostalgia.
  • Laughter that only wisecracking robots can provide.

Who to Watch

  • Now you're just asking random questions. Go watch some MST3K episodes!
Maurice Molyneaux