Magical-Movie-Nights-Coloring-SheetsThe Equestria Girls are back in three fun-filled adventures in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Magical Movie Night! Grab some popcorn and friends and enjoy these coloring sheets.

Dance Magic: Rarity convinces her friends to enter a music video contest. But the girls worry that their competitor, Crystal Prep, has a significant advantage with more resources and better dancers. 

Movie Magic: Rainbow Dash is thrilled when she and the rest of the girls are invited to visit the set of the upcoming Daring Do movie. However, her dream turns into a nightmare when a critical prop goes missing.

Mirror Magic: Sunset Shimmer travels to Equestria and invites Starlight Glimmer to visit Canterlot High. But when Sunset and Starlight Glimmer arrive at Canterlot High, they discover that the villainous Juniper Montage has used an enchanted mirror to banish the Mane 6 into limbo, trapped between two realms. It will be up to Shimmer and Starlight to save their friends!

Magical Movie Night comes to DVD August 8th and you can pre-order your copy here!

Click Here To Download Two Coloring Sheets for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Magical Movie Night!


Maurice Molyneaux