Here's what's new on YouTube this week!

The Future Is A Fix

In the future when drugs are legal and crime runs rampant in the streets, one police officer has to take on a corrupt drug company that wants to destroy him in Narcopolis. Watch the trailer!

Initiate Cheesy Effects Sequence

One of the cool things about Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVDs are the animated menu sequences. We've been uploading many of them to the official MST3K YouTube channel, and this week we added Project Moon Base (see it here) and Mighty Jack.

The World's Greatest Pickpocket

Join in the non-stop fun and breathtaking adventure of Albert – Up, Up And Away! Inspired by the beloved children's book, Albert by Ole Lund Kirkegaard, this lively, animated tale whisks you on a journey that has to be seen to be believed! Head over to the Shout Kids YouTube channel for more clips from the movie.


Maurice Molyneaux