Scream Factory Commentaries

Check out exclusive audio commentary on classic horror films such as Night Of The Demons, Day Of The Dead, Body Bags and more!

Scream Factory's Summer Of Fear

In addition to commentary tracks, take in some killer horror films like The Final Terror, Witchboard, Q: The Winged Serpent and more to kick your summer into high gear!

The Dick Cavett Show: Rock Icons

Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Billy Joel, Ray Charles and other rock and roll icons appear on episodes of The Dick Cavett Show, streaming now!

The Gerry Anderson Collection: Supercar

An early SUPERMARIONATION production from legendary producer Gerry Anderson, Supercar’s thirty-nine episodes set the stage for Anderson’s later triumphs. Groundbreaking in its time, Supercar-like all of Anderson's creations- continues to fascinate to this day, sparking the imaginations of generations of children. Climb into the Mercury-manned machine of the future- Supercar! And kids, don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Two new exclusive episodes from the beloved cult TV series are now streaming: Crash of the Moons and Fugitive Alien 2!


In a Norwegian city with a 24-hour daylight cycle a Swedish murder investigator has been brought in on a special case. Sleep deprived, he makes a horrible mistake which is discovered by the killer he has been hunting.

Ultra Q + Ultra Seven

The precursor to Ultraman, Ultra Q is a seminal science-fantasy television series in the monstrous mold of The Outer Limits and The X Files. Produced by the creative team behind Ultraman, Ultra Seven is the third entry in the “Ultra Series,” and is arguably the best of the long-running franchise, with its emphasis on science fiction and themes touching on subjects ranging from the cruelty of war to social and racial injustices.
Maurice Molyneaux