Summer is upon us, and Shout! Factory TV is now streaming some great new movies and shows, absolutely free!

Father's Day Playlist

We salute the "men of the house" with a Father's Day playlist featuring episodes of, naturally, Father Knows Best!

B.B. King

The late, great blues legend may be gone, but his music lives on. Experience the playing of a true master, one of the most iconic and influential guitar players who ever lived.

Comic-Con Survival Guide

We teamed up with Crazy 4 Comic-Con to bring you our new video series, the Comic-Con Survival Guide! Check out some insider tips and tricks to make your visit to the Con the best experience possible.

Joe 90 (The Gerry Anderson Collection)

When the brilliant scientist Professor Ian McClaine develops a fantastic machine called the BIG RAT (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer) - a device capable of transferring knowledge and skills from one person to another, he picks a surprising test subject…his adopted son, Joe! When the goodhearted schoolboy emerges with the ability to become an expert in any field, both father and son are recruited by the World Intelligence Network (W.I.N.) to join their quest to stop evildoers wherever they may arise. Now a special agent of W.I.N., young Joe travels the world in a non-stop tour of duty, adventure, and excitement.

Al Hirschfeld

Celebrate American caricaturist Al Hirschfeld with the documentary film Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story.


For all you anime fans, we've got some great classic anime streaming in June, including Danguard Ace, Gaiking and Starzinger.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Two exclusive new episodes of MST3K are now available: Devil Doll and Teenagers from Outer Space!

Assault on Precinct 13

Isolated and cut off from the city inside a soon-to-be-closed L.A. police station, a group of police officers and convicts must join forces to defend themselves against the gang called Street Thunder, who have taken a blood oath to kill someone trapped inside the precinct. From John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing and Prince Of Darkness), Assault On Precinct 13 combines the elements of a classic western and a modern thriller to create a riveting cult classic.

Maurice Molyneaux