See The Soska Sisters’ Remake of the David Cronenberg classic on the big screen starting this Friday, the 13th of December in these theaters:

Hollywood, CA - Arena Cinelounge

Denver, CO - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Sloans Lake

Philadelphia, PA - Studio Movie Grill, Upper Darby

Marietta, GA - Studio Movie Grill, Marietta

Chicago, IL - Studio Movie Grill, Chatham

Dallas, TX - Studio Movie Grill, Spring Valley

Tampa, FL - Studio Movie Grill, Tampa

Houston, TX - Studio Movie Grill, Pearland

Detroit, MI - Emagine Canton

Cleveland, OH - Tower City Cinema

You can also watch it wherever you buy or rent movies digitally.

n the gripping horror film Rabid, aspiring fashion designer Rose Miller has her dreams turned into a nightmarish reality when a freak accident leaves her horribly disfigured. After receiving a miracle procedure involving an experimental skin graft from the mysterious Burroughs Clinic, Rose is transformed into the beauty of her dreams. But nothing comes without a cost and Rose begins to feel terrifying side effects that tear at her last threads of sanity. What price will Rose have to pay to have everything she ever wanted? It may just cost her her humanity.

Rabid stars Laura Vandervoort (Jigsaw, Smallville), Benjamin Hollingsworth (Code Black, Cold Pursuit) and Phil Brooks aka C.M. Punk (WWE). Directed by the Soska Sisters, Rabid was produced by John Vidette, Paul Lalonde, and Michael Walker.