Hey Girl, we understand your obsession with Ryan Gosling. Sure, you may have stalker tendencies and a Pinterest board dedicated to your “Mrs. Gosling” dream wedding. We get it, Ryan Gosling is the gift that just keeps giving. To celebrate, here are the Top 10 moments when the Gos made our hearts go pitter-patter.

1. The Notebook

OK ladies, we know you cried all the tears during The Notebook, but this scene was actually where we fell madly in love with Ryan Gosling. You had us at rain, wet t-shirt and scruff. IT STILL ISN’T OVER.

2. Crazy Stupid Love

As if Crazy, Stupid, Love wasn’t already the most adorable movie ever, this scene truly did us in. Shirtless, the Dirty Dancing lift… Also, what is it with Ryan Gosling and rain? *faints*

3. Blue Valentine

Maybe the most depressing love story on earth, and yet the Gos still strummed his way into our hearts with his ukulele accompaniment in this Blue Valentine scene opposite a tap-dancing Michelle Williams. Pretty sure we now have an appreciation for brooding hipsters.

4. The Place Beyond the Pines

Despite only appearing in the first 50 minutes of the film, Ryan Gosling managed to make us peel our jaws off the floor right in the first few seconds where he serves us tattooed, knife-wielding, motorcycle bad boy realness. Seriously, we need a cold shower and an oxygen tank… Or five.

5. The Notebook (Again)

Sure, we could literally include every scene in the The Notebook, but this one really made us weak in the knees. Ryan Gosling took romance to a whole other level while dancing with Rachel McAdams to Billie Holiday in that little page-boy hat in the middle of an empty street. COME ON!

6. Drive

While far from being a romantic movie, Drive allowed us to appreciate a darker more mysterious side of the Gos. And really, who would pass up a slow-motion kiss in an elevator with Ryan Gosling before he bashes in some guy’s head?

7. Young Hercules

That tan. That leather. That hair. The 90s introduced a baby-faced teenage Ryan Gosling to us and our wannabe Xena Warrior Princess hearts would never be the same.


8. Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad transported us back to 1950s cigar smoking mobsters in dapper suits. And my, oh my, can that Ryan Gosling fill out a suit. While flirting up a storm with Emma Stone in this bar scene, he had us at “Can I have another Dirty Shirley?”.

9. Remember the Titans

Many people tend to forget that a young Ryan Gosling had a small role as the goofy country boy football player in this iconic sports film, but we didn’t. He can country line dance with us any day.

10. Lars and the Real Girl

Aside from his Mickey Mouse Club days, this was one of the first moments where we were serenaded by Ryan on-screen. We’re also pretty sure this was the one and only time we’ve been jealous of a sex doll. Ever.

Maurice Molyneaux