"… a modern day re-imagining of Robin Hardy's cult classic, The Wicker Man…" – the ink and

Disturbing secrets lie buried in the bogs of a remote island in this spellbinding thriller. Shortly after surgeon Tora Hamilton (Radha Mitchell, Silent Hill, London Has Fallen) moves with her husband (Rupert Graves, Sherlock) to the Shetland Islands – 100 miles off the coast of Scotland – she makes an unnerving discovery: the body of a young woman with strange symbols carved into her flesh and her heart ripped out. When what at first appears to be the remains of a victim of an ancient ritual turns out to be a fresh corpse, Tora is plunged into a dangerous mystery that may be connected to the dark myths of the island's folklore.

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The effervescent Leslie Caron (Gigi) stars in Fanny, a timeless tale of romance and the recipient of five Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

In early 1920s Marseille, young Marius (Horst Buchholz) dreams of leaving his dull provincial life and seeing the world. But when the beautiful Fanny (Caron) declares her adoration for him, Marius must choose between an adventurous life at sea and the grandest adventure of all – love.

Directed by stage and screen legend Joshua Logan and featuring Maurice Chevalier (Love in the Afternoon) and Charles Boyer (Gaslight), Fanny is a Technicolor classic, filled with style, beauty, and heart.

Maurice Molyneaux